Oh, and just watch some of the moves he can make, because of his male body, become the most lauded and wonderful and important moves in the sport. Ting! Only teams with trans women can compete at any higher level, because routines must include them. Meanwhile, moves they can't make because of their male physiology will be devalued then quickly get dropped.

NFL cheerleaders mostly dance, they don't do things like pyramids and tosses like competitive and college cheerleaders do. I'm having trouble getting worked up about a TIM taking the place of a woman who's job is pretty much to shake her T & A, and a lot of the time these women get into situations that are pretty much human trafficking. If TIMs want to take over that role, let them.

Sorry, I just assumed that it was like college, only you got paid

I think your point will stand when this starts filtering down into competitive cheerleading. Will it be transphobia when a TIM can’t be a flier because he is 6 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than all of the other women on the squad?

Said it a while back on a previous thread about this person...there is no angle from which he looks like a woman (adult human female).

As usual, they don't show him in the same photo with any actual women. But even so, that is obviously a dude.

All of the pictures of him dancing are clearly male. It’s interesting when he’s doing the interview and he’s wearing the glasses he’s doing a really good interpretation, but that’s largely based on him capitalizing on culture’s masculinization of black women. Looks like he’s had an Adam as apple shave.

I used to work with a woman who was also a cheerleader for professional football. She had low enough body fat that she hadn't had a period in years and was still being pressured to lose more weight.

I fear putting men on the squads will lower the body fat requirements even further outside of healthy range for women. I find that very unfortunate.

At least the video did a good job of making it seem like the “three men” were the three men