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Sometimes headlines will be different on the page vs fetching it for the link. If you do look at the link, you’ll notice that the title is indeed the same as what OP posted. I’m actually shocked they went with that title... perhaps they later changed it to be tamer or something.

(I agree with the rule though, just wanted to clarify)

Great article, especially this point (emphasis mine): "What exactly is the prize money in the non-binary category rewarding? It’s not athletic excellence as the winner of the non-binary category in New York only ran 2:45:12 (the men’s and women’s winners clocked 2:08:41 and 2:23:23, respectively). In the women’s open division, South African Olympian Gerda Steyn ran nearly 15 minutes faster – 2:30:22 – to finish 12th and yet she received no prize money. If the non-binary winner had been in the men’s category in NYC this year, they would have finished 147th."

The points about how we do not categorize sports based on belief are also essential. Someone's individual religious belief may be VERY important in his or her own head, but it means nothing to the rest of us.

Men! Did I guess right? As if it wasn’t extremely obvious what the outcome would be.

Do NB females seriously think they’d be on a level playing field?

Yes, those women are completely delusional about gender differences in physical strength.

Now they want two non-binary divisions, one for non-binary "AMABs" and the other for non-binary "AFABs".

Is this true? If so that is hilarious... and I support it. All women can run in the non-binary AFAB division and we'll basically have what we asked for.

Let’s encourage the Kenyans to all enter the NB category. Or maybe just 3 would be enough to make these privileged white dudes lose.

I was thinking how hilarious it would be if a bunch of elites (not even, just dudes who can run faster than 2:45) found their "non-binary" identity the day of sign up, sweeped the category, then said, "after much consideration, I'm detransitioning" after they all received the prize money.

Keep repeating til everyone peaks.

I cracked up when I looked for pics of the "non-binary" runners.

Not surprised it was LetsRun that published this. I'm definitely glad this got written (not that this was a surprising outcome...) but LetsRun does have a bit of a reputation. Hopefully some more mainstream news sources will cover this as well, although I'm not holding my breath on that.

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I post on LetsRun about TIMs and XY DSD athletes in women's sports and about male-female physical sex differences and the history of women's sports all the time. The amount of misogyny I get there is appalling. But I think I've had a positive impact.

I believe I've had a big role in helping to peak the owners of the site - including the guy who co-authored this piece - about TIMs and gender ideology generally. I have also helped them see, finally, that males with DSDs that caused them to be born with missing, minuscule or malformed penises and their testes in "the wrong place" are not females.

Here, queen, you dropped this: 👑

Fantastic job!!! This is inspiring. Our voices do matter.

I hate read some of the comments on this thread and wondered if that was a member from here. Well done! The misogyny and frankly low intelligence/critical thinking of some of the posters is amazing but not surprising. It’s obvious some of these males are incapable of empathizing with anyone except other males. Clear as day.

But others are waking up to it. Well done!