I do not understand how women can still enter any kind of competition with men. It is utterly disheartening and infuriating.

The organizers of events should just make every competition for men since that is where all of this is headed if something does not change.

It is a balance between giving up your passion or not letting the unfairness get you down, I imagine. But yeah, as far as I am concerned 2nd place woman won 1st.

I do understand that (the passion and love of a sport) but on some level, women that enter competitions and see big hulking guys in their very own category must just feel a gut punch and it may very well affect their performance. I don’t know. It is just so sad to me. All of it.

Which is exactly how we record it at SheWon.org . The males' names appear nowhere on the site--just those of the women who (really) won.

I clicked to upvote but OMG when will this tip over the masses and end???

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I'm a cycling fanatic (more long distance riding) and I cycle a lot with my male partner and other men. I'm lucky that the guys I bike with are also not into speed stuff and just go at an 11-12 mph average pace, because i would NOT be able to remotely hang if they decided to race. our body mechanics are completely different and they have 100% of the advantages. As someone who has been in semi-competitive swimming and non-competitive cycling, these articles just feel like repeat slaps in the face. So disheartening.

That a male was allowed to join the womens' race is newsworthy. That he won, meanwhile, is not. It's the expected outcome.

It's so massively unfair, my heart breaks for the female athletes who stood no chance against the cheater.

He has won a ton of women's races . . . it's gonna take me days to upload all his wins to SheWon.

I am hoping the summer olympics. Or perhaps something like Wimbleton. Sports the masses watch.