Oh, look. Another man who thinks women's rights are his to give away.

And they aren't "banned" from competition! They just (ideally) would have to choose between medical transition and remaining competitive in the men's category. Female athletes routinely have to choose to miss a year or so of their career to have a baby, or delay childbearing until it's potentially more difficult to conceive and there's a higher risk of complications. No one bats an eye at that.

There are tradeoffs to every choice.

They just (ideally) would have to choose between medical transition and remaining competitive in the men's category.

Exactly! An Olympian like Thorpe should understand that if you pump yourself full of medication and hormones of any kind, you are choosing not to be eligible for competitive sports.

What a dick. Also, he doesn't know what he's talking about:

Of all the athletes who have competed at the Olympics, only two were transgender women. One of them - New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard - came last in her event in 2021.

The other - BMX rider Chelsea Wolfe from the USA - was an alternate who did not compete.

He conveniently left out TIM Stephanie Barrett, who took the one spot Canada was given for a competitor in women's archery.

"So when you run the numbers, someone who's gone through the tough process and been able to transition to the sex that they determine for themselves is highly unlikely to ever be able to win an Olympic gold medal," Thorpe said.

What is "the tough process"? Growing your hair and taking a couple of pills every day - that's tough?

The fact that these guys didn't win an Olympic gold and some guys in women's sports might be unlikely to win Olympic golds is immaterial. They all took places from women. And in order to make it to the Olympics, each of these guys had to come in first - beating women - in many competitions over several years that led up to/constituted the Olympic qualifiers.

Because Hubbard, Wolfe and Barrett got to go to the Olympics, three women did not get to go. Three women who worked their asses off and were/are at the peak of their game had their dreams dashed because their places went to selfish, entitled men.

Well, isn't that nice...yet another male athlete advocating that spots in women’s sports be handed over to trans-identifying male athletes.

Amd, btw, I believe that Michael Phelps, the most decorated swimmer in the history of the Olympics, agreed with FINA'S decision...but why should Thorpe OR Phelps be interviewed about this topic? Why aren't female swimmers...past Olympians and women currently competing for glory, scholarships, and prize money being interviewed?

I wonder if this is a reaction to how long it took him to come out as gay. It took so long that gay activists were fed up with him and did not give him a great reception when he finally came out as 'not straight'. Maybe he wants to make up for that. I suspect that is the motivation for many people on the left who support the trans movement--they were slow to get with gay rights and don't want to make the same mistake again.

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I am for fairness in sport, but I'm also for equality in sport. And in this instance, they've actually got it wrong.

So you admit adding TIMs is at odds with “fairness”?

What a tool. I wish for an AI representation showing him comparable competitors with the Lia Thomas to Actual Female ratios, and then ask Mr. Thorpe how he would like to line up for his Olympic race with a velociraptor-size swimmer in the next lane. Still think fairness something to be sacrificed on the altar of the Most Oppressed Persons Ever?

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Oh fuck off, Thorpy.

Bloke has flippers for feet, he is hardly concerned a bio female could beat him in the pool.

Predict he has a fair amount of internalised homophobia, from staying in the closet for such an inordinately long period of time.

Sports, in particular Aussie sports is rife with homophobia & very few gay athletes are public about it.