I've always told people that the easiest way to see the physical difference between males and females is to look up the results of literally any marathon. Bar none, you will see at least a dozen men, sometimes as many as 100, finishing before the first-place woman.

At the recent New York City Marathon, the first place woman, Sharon Lokedi, finished 19th overall, fully 15 minutes behind the first-place man, Evans Chebet.

Hilariously, the top-finishing enby runner (the NYCM has an enby category now because of course they do), the very androgynous sounding Jacob Caswell, finished 172nd overall, netting "them" a $5,000 prize, despite finishing over 20 minutes after Lokedi. Manuel Bautista, the 39-year-old man who finished immediately ahead of Caswell, got jack shit.

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I usually just ask people why women aren't in the NHL or NFL.... neither of those organizations are sex-based. Anyone can try to make it onto a team. The people with the best stats are always men. There's only been one woman who played as a goalie in the NHL (Manon Rheaume) but it was only for a single exhibition game (i.e. pre-season).

Bring back bullying but exclusively of these entitled young men


I ran XC 20 years ago. A 19:14 5k meant Junior Varsity even back then. This walking mediocrity needs CHEATER tattooed on his forehead.

Same here, ran XC 20 or so years ago and clearly remember the vast difference between boys’ and girls’ running abilities.

I’m guessing that most people who blindly push for allowing TIMs in female sports have absolutely no personal experience with athletics and therefore have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about. And/or they just don’t care about women.

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These buttfuckers have never even watched a track/XC meet. Everyone who has knows the girls' events take longer because they are different sports.

“buttfuckers” made me chuckle. Heh.

But yeah I remember way back when I ran, girls would run 4k and boys would run 5k. It literally wasn’t even the same race length at that time.

Another shitty male athlete grifts his way onto a women's team...and steals women's opportunities.

How do they live with themselves?

i really don't know. I'd seriously be worried about them attempting suicide if i knew one of these trans athletes in real life. All the social media hate. I don't know how a parent would let their son do this.

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If they attempt suicide after this then it's probably out of intense shame, not social media hate.

After all, it's not like these guys give a fuck about what other folks think. If real-life resistance doesn't slow them down then they're not going to kill themselves because internet people called them names.

Their entire existence is about that though, forcing validation out of everyone.

Hate just further fuels their victim mentality. Think about the absolute general shamelessness one would need to brazenly cheat like this. They don’t give 2 shits.

One of the comments

A bunch of boys need to get together and join the female teams until they’re made up of mostly boys. Would be more effective than boycotts because it’s funnier

i hope it doesn't come to that, but it seems that's what it's going to take, entire teams of teen boys. And would that even be enough???

Once there are more than 2 or 3 of them, the other boys won't join the team anymore, because who wants to lose? They only want to compete when the competetion is clearly in their favor.

If we could depend on men and boys to come to our rescue in the course of history, we wouldn't be here today.

The girls and their parents need to stop worrying about being called "bigots" and start saying something, and push for change. Bring lawsuits. Yes I know there are ramifications and all of that, but more people are embodlen to speak up today already than last year, or the year before. To hell with the assholes shutting down common sense and science with false accusations of "bigotry". Enough is enough.

They always have the same smug facial expression. I don’t know how they stand up there with no shame.

Not at all surprising that it's from the liberal area. It's sure as he'll peaking liberal parents, though. I love it!

Yes they keep voting for the same people in these areas.

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