The American Medical Association has passed a policy that provides some clarity on physicians' responsibilities to patients who are transgender athletes and opposes efforts to force those athletes into undergoing medical treatment to compete.

No one is forcing anyone to undergo medical treatment. There are already appropriate categories for all athletes to compete in.

First they acknowledge that there are sex differences:

"The AMA opposes athletic eligibility regulations that contribute to discrimination and stigma attached to naturally occurring differences in gender and sexual identity, sexual development and orientation," AMA Trustee Dr. David H. Aizuss said in a statement.

But then they say that athletes should compete according to their "identity". What kind of statement is that for a MEDICAL association to be making?

The policy also affirms that athletes must be permitted to compete in alignment with their identity.

athletes must be permitted to compete in alignment with their identity

Hmmm... do these people know what sports is? It's not about "how I feel today", but about physical prowess. Rather strange to ignore the physical reality of the athlete's actual physical, biological body, non?

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I hate that the fairest and most sensible solution to this is the simplest one (no men in women's sports, period) yet they are scrambling over themselves and talking in nonsensical circles to justify letting men with body mods demolish the entire point of female sports.

"naturally occurring differences in ... identity"


A corrupt organization.

Completely without credibility, and this on top of Americans distrusting the medical field more than ever before. May the AMA wither away and die.

Puhleeze. There must be some way to determine if an athlete is categorically male or female, without resorting to a person's "identity" claims....these are physicians. They likely have some tests? objective criteria? or barring that plain common sense? (Spoiler alert: apparently not).

I’m disappointed in them. They could have clearly spoken to to the truth of biology but instead said nothing of value at all. Mealy-mouthed, all of them.

Too many in medicine are now woke at the expense of patients. I’m sure that the fact that so many in endocrinology, big pharma and plastic surgery are making money off the misery of people that think they will be reborn into happiness with puberty blockers, hormones and mastectomies; have absolutely nothing to do do with it. Nope, not at all.