I wish the media would stop saying he "transitioned." He did literally nothing but grow his hair long and change his name. There is no such thing as "transitioning" to the opposite sex! I had a conversation with an elderly (but sympathetic) man a few months ago who assumed that Will Thomas had undergone all sorts of chemical and physical procedures to "become" a woman and swim on the UPenn swim team. When I explained that he had done absolutely nothing but put on a women's swimsuit, he was astounded that it was allowed. The media gaslights people into thinking something magical is actually "happening" when someone "transitions," as if their very DNA has mutated into someone else.

Yep, I think this is one of the reasons why many people haven't completely peaked yet. The media tries to make it sound like all TiMs are these dainty, HSTSs with intense dysphoria who undergo all the procedures down to getting their dicks removed, instead of most of them being these hulking, AGP weirdos who most of the time don't even make any attempt (not that it matters in them ever achieving not being men -- which they'll always be). And then when TiMs actually do take hormones, media tries to gaslight people into thinking that it makes them almost exactly like women and that's why they should play in women's sports.