If anyone can get me the details of the race, specifically when and where and what the race was, as well as the names of the second, third, and fourth place finalists, I would be thrilled to add this to SheWon. Anyone know how to find those results?

Thanks @WatcherattheGates ! I believe this is the meet where he broke the girls record: https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/210845/results/843090

Emerald Sound Conference Championships, Sat, Oct 22, 2022, Granite Falls HS, Granite Falls

  1. Aspen Hoffman [the boy]

  2. Isla Chadsey

  3. Sophia Inglin

  4. Kathryn Frazer

If you have time on your hands, the results of all his other stolen races are on this page (https://www.athletic.net/team/309/cross-country/2022) on the left side under 2022 Season Calendar.

Ooooooo, THANK YOU! This is a gold mine! As soon as I finish with all of Austin Killips' stolen races, I will get these up!