If anyone can get me the details of the race, specifically when and where and what the race was, as well as the names of the second, third, and fourth place finalists, I would be thrilled to add this to SheWon. Anyone know how to find those results?

Here are the results from the meet: https://wa.milesplit.com/meets/493588-washington-state-cross-country-championships-2022/teams#.Y30wLi2B1pR

Scroll down to Seattle Academy to see the results for the TIM Aspen Hoffman. He came in 18th overall but broke the record for his school. He was a minute-and-a-half faster than the fastest girl at his school: https://wa.milesplit.com/meets/493588-washington-state-cross-country-championships-2022/teams/26086#.Y30wai2B1pQ