That thread breaks my heart. Im an amateur powerlifter and it took me ages (years) to even get to a 60kg bench, and my husband did that after a few gym sessions which was annoying, but understandable - women bench significantly less than men. To think in professional sports circles that women putting in their hard work could be undone overnight by men with no shame breaks my heart.

So "stunning and brave" or in other words just men shitting all over women!

If any of these men make it to the Olympics, I think that is where the rubber will meet the road.

Mr, Mrs. and Ms. America have zero clue about what is really happening in women’s sports. They need to see these big, hulking men, standing next to average size women and taking medals that should have gone to women.

The average person does not understand the reality.

Missing one of the best examples I think there is - CeCe Telfer, who as a D2 men's track athlete never placed higher than 200th overall in his events. Transition and one year of hormones later, and BAM, NCAA national champion. And not by a small margin, by one and a half seconds (third place was 0.2 seconds behind second place, so in this context that's a huge gap).

I've said it before, I'll say it again - I'm sure they are weaker and slower after taking hormones. That does not make them female. If some hormones were enough to eliminate the male advantage there wouldn't be countless examples of men who were mediocre or couldn't cut it at all suddenly being at the top of leagues after transitioning. And I don't even care if they don't actually win a lot, simply placing much higher is enough! It's a crystal clear sign that transition does not eliminate male advantage, and I have no idea why so many people can't see that.

It's a crystal clear sign that transition does not eliminate male advantage, and I have no idea why so many people can't see that.

They see it. They know. They just don't care. Compassion and empathy for women is at a very low point right now. The general public doesn't get to see these incidents because the media doesn't care to report on them.

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honestly that thread is sickening. How are they doing this to women and so few people care...

Can we archive this outside of twitter? I'm bookmarking it but I'm afraid it will be removed by twitterati Gestapo.

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I quickly "archived" this with screen captures. To people in the future: if it gets removed from twitter, feel free to ask and I'll upload them

Where did you archive it? It has already been removed!

She didn't. She didn't understand that you meant internet archive; she screen grabbed it for herself personally.

Here you go https://archive.ph/mBcEL

Funny/sad but archival is always my first thought when I read anything even slightly trans-critical these days.

I searched twitter for what TRAs were saying to this and they are saying these are just outliers and there is no "disproportionate" number to consider it a serious phenomenon. These people...jfc