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Good for Perkins. I'm glad to see more trans people speaking up about this.

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I like that he admitted that even after 10 years of transitioning and hormones, and at the ripe age of 47, that he can still drive a golf ball over 300 yards (the average pro lady golfer is 290…).

Amazing how all these mediocre men can magically claim to be women and then easily compete with the top 1% of all women athletes! 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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He hasn’t had any hormone therapy or surgery. Still completely intact male.

“The other reason for her choice involved the laws governing women's professional golf. They were altered in 2010 to remove a clause stipulating that a competitor had to be female at birth; however, players were required to complete reasignment surgery and undergo hormone therapy to reduce testosterone levels in their blood.”

“Alison, who has been living as a woman since July 5, 2010 — she calls this her 'birthday' — is yet to take either of the stipulated medical steps, so has not yet experienced the changes wrought by hormone therapy.”

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Feels like a waste of a research project given how obvious it is that men still have an advantage no matter what hormones they take, but good for him for actually thinking critically about this and accepting that it's not fair to compete against women.