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Honestly, this is really like the worse case scenario for them. Hubbard is the least sympathetic person to represent trans athletes: he's a wealthy, over-privileged, middle-aged white guy who almost killed an older couple in a car crash. He's also competing against, and taking the place of, women-of-color. I'm sure they would have loved a young person-of-color who came from poverty and transitioned prior to puberty, but instead they got someone they can't argue is oppressed other than his self-declared gender identity.

Another translation: "This is going to peak the entire world all at the same time, dang it."

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He says that it' s not a mistake, but it' s not going to be accepted in the long run.

So, basically, he' s saying that he 100% believes that Hubbard should compete against women, but he thinks it' s going to create backlash and will ruin his community' s plan to destroy, once and for all, women' s rights, because more and more people will criticize this crap and will start speaking out.

I hope he' s right: it' s about time that these rotten, deceitful cheaters get brought down a notch.

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That’s a polite way of wording “complete bullshit that allowed a cheater to compete”.

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I don't like how these stories keep dragging up that non binary Canadian attention seeker. It's a totally different situation. Hubbard is stealing a spot from a deserving woman and is a cheat. The attention seeking Canadian earned her spot on the football field and her inclusion is denying no one anything (although is putting an unfair burden on the commentators remembering that among this huge group of women on the football field, one of them is Special).

Her inclusion is a non story.

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At the same time it is perhaps useful to point out the contradictory policy of both these people getting to compete in women’s sports…