I watch more youtube then TV so I thought this might be a good idea to find some more hidden gems.

here is my top 10 fave youtube channels

AtomicShrimp. Ashens. Life of Boris. Shiey. Tasting History. Abroad in japan. CDawgVA. Tokyo lens. Solo solo travel. Techmoan.

whats your top ten?

I watch more youtube then TV so I thought this might be a good idea to find some more hidden gems. here is my top 10 fave youtube channels AtomicShrimp. Ashens. Life of Boris. Shiey. Tasting History. Abroad in japan. CDawgVA. Tokyo lens. Solo solo travel. Techmoan. whats your top ten?


How to cook that with Ann Reardon, particularly her 100 year old recipe series.

I just discovered Ann’s channel last week, I love it! My favorites are when she debunks TikTok recipes and dangerous DIY fads.

I love that about her too, it's such a good resource to have in the face of teens doing dangerous stuff online all the time

I've been binging Geography Now lately! He's doing a series where he makes an episode on the political, physical, and cultural geography as well as general demographics and history. Unfortunately, he has not done my country yet, but he did some of other countries I've lived in and I thought the videos were all pretty accurate. Most of the comments also say how accurate and unbiased he is.

I also like to watch My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You. I love her energy, personality, and dogs.

And I still go back and watch JennaMarbles videos.

I miss Jenna so much. I will never get over the fact that woke assholes forced her to quit YouTube when men who are 100x more offensive like Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star still have major fan bases and produce content on a regular basis. I’m still holding out hope that she’ll come back…

Red Letter Media, How to Cook That, Steve Wallis, LA Beast, Homemade Wanderlust, Tasting History with Max Miller, Adult Swim, Stones Throw, The Crystal Collector, and BrutalMoose.

I subscribe to A LOT of channels but those are the ones I watch a lot.

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I watch a lot of Asian Youtube channels, mostly cooking/animal videos for relaxing to. Here's a few of my favorites.

きまぐれクック Kimagure Cook fillets and cooks seafood, with a focus on unusual or exotic fish.
【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. also cooks exotic fish, but he also does taxidermy and picks up some really strange (and sometimes gross) animals.
RyuzoArts posts videos of their adorable pet ducks.
ぴよのカエルch Piyo's Frog ch. posts joke-subtitled videos of their many pet frogs with soothing music.
滇西小哥 Dianxi Xiaoge does cooking/lifestyle videos about Yunnan, China.
李子柒 Liziqi does similar pastoral lifestyle videos.

tv/movie reactions and analysis: ur internet mom ash, Amanda the Jedi, CinemaSins, Pitch Meeting

Edu-tainment: Institute of Human Anatomy, Kurzgesagt (in a nutshell), Tom Scott, Ling Thusiasm, How to Cook That

Institute of Human Anatomy are terfy as hell XD. So much butthurt in the comments in regards to functions of estrogen and testosterone.

LOL that isn’t even why I followed them, but it’s hilarious. We need “biology is a terf” tshirts

Outside of radfem/GC stuff I mostly just watch pet grooming, curly haircare, and workout videos. I can't think of a top 10 off the top of my head, but some of my regular go-tos are: Girl With The Dogs, Manes by Mell, Curly Susie, Swavy Curly Courtney, growwithjo, Earth & Owl, and Hybrid Calisthetics!

Red Letter Media, Tofupupper (cute shiba inu), therealjims (Simpsons recap/commentary/analysis), Dollightful (doll customization), GenoSamuel2.1 (Chris Chan documentary...), JCS (true crime, 100% recommended!!), Sorrow TV (funny reddit read a louds)

Outside feminist or GC stuff I adore:

Absolute History (educational!)

Beatrice Caruso (her vlogs are super relatable and she’s got a great personality)

Brad Mondo (I find hair fails endlessly fascinating)

Brick Immortar along with Fascinating Horror (details building disasters through history mostly)

Brief Case and Well, I Never (old-timey true crime)

Buzzfeed Unsolved, Supernatural and True Crime (hey there demons, it’s me, ya boy)

Dark Curiosities, heavy casefiles. and Under the Ash Tree (melancholy true crime channels)

Drew Gooden and Kurtis Conner (just hilarious)

Flatbush Cats and Kitten Lady (a Brooklyn based cat rescue, and the queen of kittens!)

Lazy Masquerade and Mr. Nightmare (reader submitted creepy stories)

Lumpy Touch and MeatCanyon (weird, disturbing animations)

MrBallen (also creepy stories and true crime, but he’s a fantastic storyteller so he’s a league apart from the previous ones)

Mrs Eats (funny stuff about Japanese culture from a Japanese born woman living in the west)

My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You (Michele McDaniel, also a queen and court jester combined)

PushingUpRoses (analysis of old school horror and kids media)

Relationship Coach Deborrah Cooper (she can be divisive but her weekly advice show is always entertaining)

Wendigoon (deep dives into ARGs, creepy lore and biblical mythos)

No particular order. That Chapter (true crime)

Any speedrunning channels (primarily PS1 and PS2 games)

Souped Up Recipes (cooks real Chinese)

Awaken with JP (Satire. he’s a conservative that unfortunately is against abortion, but he’s spot on in regards to trans and woke crap)

Pierre XO (commentary on modern society)

Any channel in regards to Caucasian cuisine without much speaking. Like Wilderness Cooking.

Anything in regards to fitness and exercise.

I watch very little YouTube, but subscribe to GeoBeats Animals, The Dodo, BillieSpeaks and Jackson Galaxy. I was subscribed to the new Time Team but found it very disappointing - can’t stand the new narrator.

Defunctland, Theme Park History, Offhand Disney for history/analysis of theme parks, rides, and media

Pecos Hank, Carly Anna WX for weather/tornado topics

Ryan George, ProZd, and Jenny Nicholson for comedy.

VLDL D&D has a d&d campaign I have been following for a whole now.

Stand up Maths, Technology Connections, Simon Roper for STEM topics, linguistics for Roper

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