Gender Critical discussion on conversion therapy and gender stereotypes on Bill Maher, very much a wow moment.

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He's been GC for awhile now. Blasted recent "24% of GenZ identifies as LGBTQ+" stats and hosted Katie Herzog last month with a crack about Pride to boot.

EDIT: also your link on mobile took me to a completely different video at first, so yeah. This is the Katie Herzog show I was talking about

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I have a hunch Bill Maher has alway been GC. But he kept it under wraps for fear of being cancelled (again) and on orders from up above at HBO. But once the merger of the parent company that owns HBO was completed and the new CEO took charge in April/May, Maher started speaking up more.

The segments he's done on genderism suggest that his production staff and he have been paying attention for a long time. Much like Ricky Gervais and Chappelle.

Also, Lia Thomas opened up the floodgates. Even the "respect the pronouns" crowd could see the wrongness and unfairness is that situation.

Maher's stock in trade since the 1990s has been poking holes in dogma and political correctness. Genderism is right up his alley to take potshots at, even though I am sure he's a sexist genderist and misogynistic in much of his private lie.

He’s very GC! This is a big one to post to their Instagram page because it’s extremely shareable. I’m glad it’s more accessible