I can't stop bingeing this show for real. I love Derek Morgan and Penelope, they're hilarious and adorable (so far lol)

I can't stop bingeing this show for real. I love Derek Morgan and Penelope, they're hilarious and adorable (so far lol)


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I've basically binged the entire series over the pandemic. Starting in 2020, I needed something to watch and "Criminal Minds" had always been on my list, but somehow I had not started with it earlier. So, that was really helpful in that situation: 15 seasons of material during lockdown. Awesome. Just realized that I had to take breaks occasionally when I started dreaming about some of the more awful cases.

Still, I enjoyed it all in all. Earlier seasons more than later ones, as it is often the case with long-running shows, especially when cast members leave and new characters get introduced.

Small thing: I'm still a bit disappointed that they ditched the original plan to make Reid bisexual because the network at the time was against it. I never thought he had much chemistry with any of his female love interests, so maybe a male one would have been better.

I always enjoyed this show! I liked the characters a lot. I liked Reid and JJ and Prentiss the best IIRC. I used to want to be a criminal profiler (because of criminal minds πŸ˜…) but I think the reality of endless violent and depraved men would be too much for me.

I've watched a lot of the reruns. It's a good show. It gets a little weird with cast members coming and going in later seasons. But Penelope and Morgan are super cute. I'm a very flirtatious person naturally so it's nice to see good platonic flirting. Plus, Shamar Moore is easy on the eyes 😍😍😍 lol

I used to watch all kinds of crime dramas on TV at night including Criminal Minds but now I try to decrease it cause it's too much for me. Criminal Minds is too much because it often contains physical torture, but the psychological analysis and ther characters are interesting.

I used to be obsessed with Criminal Minds. Such a good show. Definitely helped me understand male depravity better lol

I'm more of a lazy binger but I do enjoy the show a lot. Did you just start watchin recently?

Currently watching The Boys but if I'm not watching anything specific I usually watch/re-watch criminal minds :D

I used to watch random reruns whenever they'd show up on TV but only started bingeing recently.

Is The Boys good? What's it about?

The Boys is like, making fun of Marvel and superhero genre, but is also part of the genre? Best way I've explained it to people is that it's very 'realistic' to how superheros would be if they existed; e.g. powers do not immediately make you a morally good person and capitalism is still king.

Lot's of jabs and mocking republican/conservative types as well as the Marvel jokes. I'm not really into superhero stuff but I'm really enjoying this show.

And yea - I first started criminal minds watching old stuff but I think 2 years ago I started watching it from the beginning and have rewatched a few times lol, such a good show!