Has anyone watched?

I just finished S1.

I love the portrayal of a free woman in the 19th century.

Has anyone watched? I just finished S1. I love the portrayal of a free woman in the 19th century.


yeah, i've watched the first season twice and the second season once. It bothers me a bit i think there is still an unhealthy power dynamic between them, but it's loads better than other historical lesbian shows/movies. I think i actually liked season 2 better.

Came back to say what a great show!!! I’m on season 2. I’ve already signed a petition to get a season 3 and will be writing to hbo after I finish season 2.

I posted this a couple of weeks ago in the Lesbians circle and the Deadline article is archived

I hope it is picked up again and that it is done with the same level of quality. I enjoyed it very much.

Gentleman Jack creator Sally Wainwright is not giving up on a third season for the lesbian period drama series following its cancellation last week by HBO.

Wainwright told RadioTimes.com in an interview that HBO’s decision not to move forward with a third season was a surprise, noting however that BBC, the show’s co-producer, “certainly [is] up for” continuing with the show” but would need another streaming partner. The BBC has said that it was “in discussions” with Wainwright about “what’s next”.

“I think if HBO had been up for it, there’d have been no question, Wainwright added. “It’s been a very successful show in all areas for them – it’s had fantastic reviews, it’s had a very respectable audience and on top of that it’s had an impact on the community of gay women. We have the most extraordinary fanbase.”

That’s hopeful! I enjoyed the show a lot. I am not a lesbian but it’s inspiring to see the bold and free life Ann Lister created for herself. I want to learn more about her.

Loved it! I'm so sad it got cancelled after Season 2. To be honest, I actually thought they cancelled it after S1 because there was such a big gap between the seasons, so I guess I should be grateful but still.

It's such a delightful show and I love most of the characters. I thought S1 ended on a perfect note but I'm also glad that we got S2. Wouldn't have known how terrific an actress Lydia Leonard is otherwise.

Season 1 is amazing. Season 2, not so much. Not sorry it got cancelled because the writer openly shows dislike for Anne and Ann. She already did enough damage to the relationship in season 2, better she doesn't get to do more.