No one yet has explained to me how you can be trans AND non-binary. There's no trans if there's no binary .. . .

Pretty disappointing that they're casting a TIM and a TIF in this series. Women and girls of color are going to be watching for Riri, and now her show has to be a vehicle for gender woo.

Note they only do this to female characters, the wokeness does not reach male characters and the men who worship them. They're tanking female focused productions on purpose.

And then when it tanks, they can point to Ironheart and Ms Marvel as proof that nobody wants young women as heroes, so they can sideline those characters 🙄

lol. I'm sure THAT will dig marvel out of the hole they've dug for themselves.

Hopefully the show will get the Batgirl movie treatment (which would've featured a TIM in a prominent role) - axed before it airs.

She is one of people who were involved in the TRA protest about the Coogee Women's Baths in Australia. One of the more annoying celebrities.

How are they gonna edit this out for Chinese audiences? LOL

For real, it sucks that the show about a Black female heroine will apparently have her spend every episode praying to the Gender Goblins of her gender-special sidekicks.

I'm not a fan of Marvel or superhero movies in general, but it's so cringey how every movie and TV franchise is hopping on the trans bandwagon. It has to be in EVERYTHING. I'm going to be eating popcorn when the trans bubble finally bursts and these clowns start backtracking and erasing evidence of supporting gender ideology.

Glad I only ever watched Iron Man and Black Panther out of all those.