And especially before Amelia Shepherd was in it.

That is all.

And especially before Amelia Shepherd was in it. That is all.


I can't believe that show is still going. I stopped watching after Katherine Heigl left.

Completely agree - everything went downhill when Yang left.

I find it a bit painful to watch lately, I think in recent seasons they’ve tried to shoehorn political agendas in and it’s just jarring.

Enjoyed it up until around season 8, then I couldn't watch it anymore. It just went on for way too long. I rarely ever watch series past 5 seasons at this point.

Amen. I stopped watching when she left. (Watched a couple of episodes after but couldn’t stomach it. And apparently there’s a trans-id character now wtaf. and a non-binary-id character named ‘kai’ lmFao. at least that’s accurate. glad i’m not witness to this desecration)

Oh yes, one of the main characters even invents a whole new surgical procedure for TIMs to invert their manly bits!

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Yes, I agree. However, being a silver-lining type of person, let me tell you this. Christina Yang was a superstar. She overshadowed a lot of other characters because she was simply so amazing. The writers gave her all the attention she rightfully deserved. So, her leaving forced the writers to develop other characters. If you are open minded about this (which can be difficult, it was for me, haha), it can be refreshing and interesting to see. Especially Meredith sees a welcome change. When Christina left I did my little trick I usually do when superstars leave their shows; I just pretended I was watching a whole new show. I go, "alright, spinoff show without Christina!"

I like Shepherd. I watch it for nostalgia at this point. They've godmoded Meredith far too much.