I saw it too I didn't know it was gonna be both a live action cartoon mix. I wonder how the final product would be if they actually went with it considering this is only demo pilot. I imagine the American cartoon of it would look more jem and the holograms in terms of style. The live action wouldn't work at all. I wonder how Takeuchi would react to it. If you know she hated the original censored dubs not only but also the American dolls

I think the final product would be very similar, just more polished and with better animation. This was never going to work.

I think the live action segments could have worked (i recall a few 90s shows that used this gimmick).

If you know she hated the original censored dubs not only but also the American dolls

Yeah. Those dolls were ugly as hell

Full documentary of the search:

Part 1 Part 2

Thanks for linking those. I had seen that one fuzzy video clip years ago that showed that this Saban version exists... I never expected there was a full episode done and that it would show up on Youtube all of these years later. I've been a Sailor Moon fan since the 90s and it's great to see all these bits of trivia and hidden things from the past of this show are still turning up all these years later.

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Oh lord I am so offended on so many levels LMFAO why are they fucking surfing in space?! 🤣 they took "sailormoon" too literally and threw it in with "surfing is cool, totally radical" vibes?? Luna literally got whitewashed 🤣🤣🤣 the liveaction interspersing with "tee hee I'm a womanly woman and a girly girl TEE HEE" giggling and flouncing everywhere combined with that "tits up ass out" animated powershot just... holy fuck I'm dying at how bad this is

...tbf that's also more or less what the original anime was like - girls being silly girls tee hee MAKU UPPUUU POWAAAAA 🌟and striking weird ass power ranger poses with a shallow backstory about falling in love with useless pretty men but idk why the americanization of it just drives it home in spades how silly it is 🤣

but idk why the americanization of it just drives it home in spades how silly it is 🤣

I think the American version drives it home because you aren't distracted by the pretty transformation sequences that the Japanese one had going for it. Its just ugly ass animation trying to convince you that these badly drawn girls are beautiful. 🤣

Love how tuxedo mask's still useless

Love how tuxedo mask's still useless

At least they didn't pull a Cardcaptors and try to make Tuxedo Mask the main character

that was the best thing abt sailor moon, how men were either villains or absolutely useless hahahahahha

I remember watching the documentary a while back, excited they finally found it!

And they found it in the Library Of Congress of all places!!

I actually have some animation cells from this cartoon (I saw them for cheap at a convention once and couldn't resist). So I am super glad someone finally found this pilot so I can place where my cells are from!

This thing is cheesy as hell. But part of me wishes it had been greenlit back in the day. Yeah, it probably would have been awful. But it would have been funny. And I love how the girl in the wheelchair moves around in a flying magic tank.

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I was going to say I found the girl in the wheelchair a surprisingly "inclusive" thing for the 1994s! Then I realized there was also an asian girl (now that sailormoon was white) and a black girl and they basically just Burger King Kids Club crayon boxed it like most of the stuff of that era (and now). Tokenism is amazing lol

OMG Burger King Kids Club meets Sailor Moon. 🤣🤣

The 90s Ghostbusters cartoon had a wheelchair using character as well. But I can't recall any others except for that Pelswick cartoon in the early 2000s

I'm hoping they find the Team Angel pilot next because I'm dying to see that cheesy 90s mess.