Anyone watch the premiere? What did you think?

When I heard about the prequel, I thought "why would you pick the worst family in Westeros to expand their history?" It seems like the Starks or Lannisters would have made for a better story. It's only been one episode but I still think that. None of the characters so far have got me invested in who's going to come out on top.

I really hope the show somehow expands beyond the Targaryen "dynasty" conflict because I don't know if endless council meetings are going to be enough to keep me watching.

Anyone watch the premiere? What did you think? When I heard about the prequel, I thought "why would you pick the worst family in Westeros to expand their history?" It seems like the Starks or Lannisters would have made for a better story. It's only been one episode but I still think that. None of the characters so far have got me invested in who's going to come out on top. I really hope the show somehow expands beyond the Targaryen "dynasty" conflict because I don't know if endless council meetings are going to be enough to keep me watching.


I have been watching. Based on an interview with the woman who plays the older Alicent Hightower, I am pretty interested to see how her story plays out. I sort of know, but she was talking about how Alicent is hemmed in so much by the patriarchy, she ends up enforcing it. It was intriguing. Very Right Wing Women (which I have not read yet but really need to-- I think I understand the basic message of it though).

So far it's OK, although I wish they would dial back even more on the gratuitous sex and violence. They claim it's not gratuitous but there is clearly still plenty.

Finally got round to it. UGH as usual, birth emergency and they have the queen LYING ON HER BACK in the position LEAST CONDUCIVE TO BIRTH. UGH. Fire all the maesters and all the midwives, that's all I have to say. (And it's HotD, so when I said "fire" I didn't mean The Apprentice, I meant set them on fire.) Incompetence and idiocy. But then it made me spit when the drama was Cersei's maybe-pregnancy in GoT because she wasn't drinking wine! As IF anyone in those days had the first idea about fetal alcohol syndrome. Drinking the water was way more likely to kill you. (Yes, I know it's fantasy, but it's purporting to be medieval style fantasy so we can base it on the actual Middle Ages, when everybody drank wine or ale. Or died of unpleasant water-borne illnesses.)

Sorry, it's one of my pet peeves when they do fantasy/historical shows and write childbearing like it's the 20th C with the strictest most rubbish OB but without access to a hospital. Make them labour standing up! Kneeling! Squatting! Ffs even lying on your fucking side is more sensible than on your back like someone who wants to die in childbed. Outlander did it right, it's possible. Make them not know that alcohol, or seafood, or hot baths are potentially dangerous (though I take issue with the last two). Make them think that tying a prayer belt round the belly is the absolute best thing, or that sleeping under the moon will cause the baby to be a lunatic (ok I made that one up). Pregnancy in the past was insane and not how we do it now (which tbf is also insane).

Idk if I'll watch any more, it was senseless, a stupid waste of a perfectly good queen (not to mention gratuitous violence, nudity and Matt Smith in that ridiculous white wig - unsure which was most egregious). I probably will, just because, but FFS why are their writers so shit.

It's because it's based on the novel/pseudo-history book Fire and Blood. GRRM is working on the history hopefully for some reveal in Winds. Although there has been several retcons about history from the main series. Maybe one day they'll rerelease it with these issues taken care of.

Did you see the fourth episode? I just can't with these reviewers. Glorifying the rape. She's a minor and Daemon is her uncle. It's gross on so many levels. But the guy at Nerdsoup thought is was just so sexy. Preston Jacobs is about the only one I can listen to these days. At least he pointed out how it's not a really cool comparison to juxtapose violence for the sake of violence as was the tourney with childbirth.

This show is really not grabbing me; I do think I might give it up. I already forgot about it on Sunday and just watched this week's episode last night.

I haven't read the books and I think that is a big part of why I'm losing interest. They haven't done a great job building the world or explaining backgrounds so I have very little to be invested in. I think they're leaning a little too hard on the assumption that everybody watching is a superfan and not doing enough to make the show stand on it's own two feet.

As for the episode, meh. It's like too much is happening but also somehow nothing. Is she underage still? Gross either way, I'm just curious because of the time jump I'm not sure how old she's supposed to be. I think the king firing his hand will be good for the story- I can't imagine that guy is going to leave quietly.

F&B is really boring b/c it's written by maesters so it's clear it's a history not a herstory (ie. it's an unreliable narration). And all i think one needs to know about it is in the Princess and the Queen, which looks about 5 hours.

I'm really not sure, but she looks so young and Matt Smith so old, he really aged terribly. I mean i don't think Daeman needs to be attractive, there isn't much i recall either way, and certainly women can go after ugly powerful men. It's really surprising the actors are only a decade apart in age.

No, i don't think Otto will leave quietly, the true victim is Alicent here. In that first episode when he said "comfort" the king to her, which i think it's the same in the book, it's just gross.

The premiere was okay. The second episode did not keep my attention. I came here to post about the historical inaccuracies. Maybe it deserves it's own post, but the caesarian was ahistorical.


I asked Sara McDougall, a scholar of medieval history who writes about gender, whether Queen Aemma’s c-section scene rang true. Not very, she replied. “The idea that they would do it and do it in this way is a gross imposition of a medievalism—the idea that medieval patriarchy must be the same or worse than ours, therefore since we don’t care about mothers and only love fetuses, so too they,” wrote McDougall in an email. “Totally no. They were very keen on protecting mothers from harm.” Our knowledge about how many c-sections might have been attempted in the Middle Ages is extremely scant, but what we do know points to the idea that the operation would have been performed on dead women, not the living. It was extremely uncommon for medical texts from the time to recommend the performance of cesareans on living women—before the 20th century, only a few outlying (and often-mocked) doctors even believed that c-section could result in a living mother and child. But the church did require midwives to do (very primitive) c-sections after maternal death, if they thought the fetus was still alive, in order to remove and baptize the baby.

As female midwives were increasingly replaced by male doctors at births, those doctors, armed with metal instruments, might even make the difficult call to use a technique called craniotomy to collapse a fetus’ head and pull it out in pieces, killing it in order to save the mother.

These strange little quirks of history, in which people in earlier time periods were actually more accepting of women’s autonomy in reproductive matters than we are today, are starting to get some play in the media in the post-Dobbs era, but it’s very hard to get past a popular conception of time’s trajectory in which things used to be terrible, got slowly better, and now are getting worse.

Another article on it: https://web.archive.org/web/20220826090503/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/0/how-accurate-house-dragons-birth-scene/

I really liked it! I think young Alicent did an amazing job. I thought the pacing was very good. When it ended I was like wow that did not feel like an hour!! My only complaints so far are no title sequence/theme music and no personalized character music. But hopefully that changes with the next episode. I haven’t read Fire and Blood, the book that HOTD is based on, but I do know the events that will be covered in the show. The changes they’ve made to adapt the book to TV are interesting and I am excited to see how people react.

The entire show is about the Targaryen dynasty, the conflict between heirs, and the resulting civil war. It is more small scale compared to GOT, and that will turn a lot of people off considering the continuous change of location was a big advantage to the original show. I don’t mind the council meeting scenes, I think GOT was at its best when it created political intrigue and secret motives and betrayals. But there will be plenty of action. Battle of the Bastards is a fan favorite episode, directed by Miguel Sapochnik, so I have high hopes for the upcoming war of the Stepstones and other events that I will not elaborate on because spoilers.

It’s only been one episode. That episode had to cover a lot of ground and I think they did it well. I’ve read a ton of reviews and I think claims of bad CGI (wtf the dragons looked so good), bad dialogue, and a boring plot after literally just 1 episode are just people being negative and looking for something to hate, either because they feel spurned by GOT S8 or because it’s cool to hate on it. The pilot wasn’t perfect, but I am excited to see where it goes.

I'm happy to hear you're hopeful. I know absolutely nothing about the story, so it's good to hear you think they did a good job laying the groundwork and that the action will pick up. I definitely don't think it was terrible- a pilot episode always has to put the pieces in place and I think they did a good enough job introducing a lot of different characters. I do hope there are non-Targaryen players introduced in the future, though.

What, they haven't brought in Baratheon or Lannister yet? Give it time.

(I haven't seen any of this. I've been broke for nearly a year and out of touch with basically everything. One day...)

No, the premiere was about who will be the Targaryen heir and that's about it. All the non-Targaryen characters worked for the family (except I guess a few at the tournament) so I got the impression the family was going to be the total focus of the show. I went in with no prior knowledge but it seems like the books do have a wider scope, so that's promising.

Well I think it’s because they got the dragons and Danyrus was such a popular character so it’s makes sense why the Targaryens.

That being said the first episode felt like the CW rip off version of GOT but perhaps it will get better. I’ll give it a few more and see. It is really dull, poorly written, and even bad cgi so far

George R. R. Martin actually began work on what I think is supposed to be a book trilogy about House Targaryen. The first book is called Fire and Blood, which is their House motto. I've read it. It sounds like House of the Dragon borrowed heavily, if not fully accurately, from that book.

It was sub par.

None of the characters were interesting or unique and the dialogue was either wooden or overdramatic. The original GOT had amazing sets and cinematography. HOD scenes were visually dark and indistinct. I'm going to give it a chance because I loved GOT so much but the premier was disappointing at best.

Ugh, the darkness. Why is that such a thing now? Ozark was practically unwatchable because of how dark some scenes were. You're creating a whole world here-let us see it!

I'm so glad you noticed it. I was starting to think it was just me. I can't stand it. I gave up on Ozark too and I think that was a big part of why.

I fiddled with my contrast settings on my tv to lighten things up while watching the original GoT. I suspect that they opt for a certain lighting level that will work fine on huge tvs, but not on modest sized ones. It's a PITA to fiddle, and to change it back, but it helps.

I just watched it for the set design, costumes, dragons & horses. The storyline is meh and predictable.

Lol same. The production design and costuming on GoT and this show are so well done. It kind of kills me that the vast majority of all the outfits will only be worn once.

I did think the use of digital sets (a la The Mandalorian) was really obvious and I hope they can cut that back a bit as covid restrictions fall. Part of the fun of watching GoT was the use of real world locations in so many scenes.

I love the Westeros universe so I hope HBO decides to do a bunch of shows set in it. Since I'm not into Star Wars or superheroes I'm in the market for an extended universe franchise.

Yeah, I wouldn't hate that. I'm not into The Walking Dead, either, but I kind of wish I was because I like how they've expanded into different shows. Something like that for Westeros could be really interesting. Or something like American Horror Stories, where they do one-off stories set in that universe.

We'll start seeing more of the other families as the story progresses. I think this was setting up the chess board. Rhaenyra and Alicent's relationship is going tonget really complicated.

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