I haven’t seen a post about this yet, so I’m starting one. Has anyone been watching the Rings of Power lately? I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It’s beautiful and it’s very “LOTR” and I think the vast majority of complaints about it are coming from super fans and racists.

For me it’s just nice to see a high fantasy show that isn’t chock full of nudity and rape and nonsense. I’m really having a good time watching this.

I haven’t seen a post about this yet, so I’m starting one. Has anyone been watching the Rings of Power lately? I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It’s beautiful and it’s very “LOTR” and I think the vast majority of complaints about it are coming from super fans and racists. For me it’s just nice to see a high fantasy show that isn’t chock full of nudity and rape and nonsense. I’m really having a good time watching this.


So, I watched the last episode yesterday.

I totally guessed who the Tall Stranger is. It was quite obvious from the second or third episode.

I was just as shocked as Galadriel when Halbrand's true identity !< was revealed. I would have guessed that it's the >! Elven King or the Elven smith who are the baddies, !< as they are so shady, talk in such weird manners, have the most punchable faces and on top of it all >! sent Galadriel off. Also I understood that the ship of elves perished in the sea and Galadriel was the lone survivor as she jumped off of it? Too bad the user who guessed it right has left us, so I can't ask her how she guessed it.

I loved how they played with the Bad Boy and Good Girl trope. Galadriel chose wisely, but it wasn't easy. Her last question and his answer showed the difference of a person who made the wrong choices in certain circumstaces and can be redeemed, and a person who is inherently evil.

The song in the closing credits is hauntingly beautiful, too.

Its souless.

Yes! That's exactly what it feels like to me. It's soulless. It feels like the writers are just ticking off boxes and they dont really care about the characters. I have only seen 4 episodes so far, so maybe it gets better..idk Also, as a costume designer, I am offended by most of the costumes. They look so cheap und uninspired. They dont look like clothes the characters in this universe would wear but like costumes, which is imo shouldn't happen in such a high budget show.

Feels like it has more personality to me than either of the movie series did though. I can see what you are saying, but the show is the best Tolkien adaptation so far for me, except maybe the Hobbit cartoon from way back.

Why do you say that?

Despite high budget the costumes look cheap and plastic like. I don't feel the people who have done the series really love and care that much about the final product. For me its years behind than the quality of the films.

I know people are hating it very much, but for me it's a pleasant show. I don't like shows that make me stressed. This one doesn't, it takes its time to build up, and there's no "nudity and rape and nonsense" as you say which is a huge plus. All the female characters are wonderful, with the exception of Galadriel - she really is acting like an impulsive unsubtle teenager for a being that has lived for hundreds of years.

Some weird yet funny scenes like that one where Galadriel was riding a horse. Looked like some shampoo ad xD

I only winced when that human not-a-king (I'm bad with names, sorry) said something like "Ladies, gents, and anonies" and everyone cheered. I was very confused at first but then figured out that this must be the LOTR-equivalent of "guys, gals, and non-binary pals". I hope I am wrong but am afraid I'm not.

Yes, exactly my complaint on Galadriel. She was born during the time of the trees, which is before the first age. She's thousands of years older than Gil-galad and Elrond as examples. Its been driving me crazy, but the show is enjoyable over all.

Thanks for this info! I have been wondering about her moody teenage antics and thinking, isn't she really, really old though?

Oh no! I missed that bit about ladies gents and anonies, please no!

Perhaps it refers to rank as in ladies, gentlemen and peasantry or something along those lines. I am sure Tolkien would have been a TERF!

With you on enjoying a relaxing, beautiful, non demanding watch.

Tolkien was definitely a TERF. He specifically said the elves were equal in all things with the exception of the having of children.

I watched the first episode with a friend who is very into LotR (I am not but I like the trilogy) and oh boy were we bored out of our minds. It is just very hard to care about anything because nothing happens.

Also they were too lazy to give the Elves different ears.

It took me 3 tries to get through the first episode. I kept falling asleep.

It does get better, but yeah the first episode or two are very slow.

Not giving them pointy ears would be a plus if I was going to watch it. There’s nothing in his published works to suggest they had them.


That would screw with the continuity though. (Not giving them pointy ears now when they have them in the movies. Especially concerning the characters that appear in both the movies and the show. Would be different if the show used a completely different premise, just loosely based on the original stories.)

Yeah, the films have bugger-all to do with the books ... glad I never felt the slightest temptation to watch them. I used to read LotR at least once a year.

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Yes. I also enjoy the lack of gratuitous gore, nudity, rape. I’m glad it sticks to the spirit of LoTR in that. I have been and want to continue to be able to watch it with my children. The LoTR is about hope after all and the triumph of good over evil. Game of Thrones is pretty much the opposite, despair and the triumph of evil over good. I’m watching House of the Dragon too though, not with the family obviously. I like it but I would prefer that the violence and rape could be implied rather than explicit. I am there for the story line, the costumes, the dragons etc.

Regarding Ring of Power, I was initially a bit disturbed by short haired elves who are not beautified by whatever means was used in the films. They don’t look different enough from humans. Also Galadriel’s character seems quite different than in the later stories but I suppose an elf can change over the course of a thousand years…

The halfoots if that is how you say/spell it it and Gandalf, Dwarves and Elrond are my favourite story lines atm. I love the costumes and the sets.

I love the harfoots!! I think they are my favorite storyline. Such a sweet little society of pure hearted people. I feel pretty confident the Stranger is Gandalf and this is why he has a soft spot for Hobbits later on.

Halflings (Hobbits in general) - Harfoots are one of the three strains of Hobbits. The others are Fallohides and Stoors.

The evil cultists dressed in white, man pretending to be a woman?

I have the same question.

https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9633302/?ref_=nm_mv_close says "actress".

She doesn't have a twitter account, but has Instagram, so my bet is that she's a woman. I don't have IG account so can only see a few of the latest photos. But maybe someone is willing to dig deeper?

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The first episode was completely ghastly, but it is improving. I really don't like how they have Elrond talk down to Galadriel in the first episode and I don't like how she's apparently so much more hot headed than any of the male elves despite being among the oldest of the elves we've met so far. I also do not like how all the female elves who aren't warriors are veiled at all.

The storylines with the dwarves, numenor, and the southlands (entirely created by the writers) are all better and you can feel how much more they care than what they're doing with the elves in their own lands. Additionally, they could remove the hobbits and it would make the show about 20% better. I'm disappointed that it took four episodes for Elrond to feel like Elrond. I think Disa is completely brilliant and a scene stealer.

I am enjoying it, but there's just so many little things.

edit: I should add I'm a second generation super fan, so I am pretty nitpicky.

They have Elrond talk down to Galadriel??? She's literally his mother-in-law!

I didn't take it that way. They are old friends and he keeps trying to talk sense into her and talk her off the ledge. She talks down to him for being a young little brat who doesn't understand her pain if anything. I think because he looks older than her it may come off differently than intended.

I will say: people are right to criticize these elves who look too old. Galadriel and Arondir have the right look, but I don't think any of the rest do. They all look too old and ugly. Gil Galad maybe is an exception, maybe.

Yeah I am a fan but not a super fan. Like I’ve read the books, seen the original trilogy etc but I still find this show really enjoyable.

Honestly I like new Elrond but I agree that Galadriel is a little too crazy, but if you had only seen the movies and didn’t know the character in any other way I think she works just fine.

I am pretty much at your same level of Tolkien exposure and I feel the same way. I only remember Cate Blanchett from the movies basically, so I'm cool with her being interpreted as more hotheaded in her "youth"

I am enjoying it more and more, especially this week. Love Galadriel and Miriel’s time on screen together, especially.

Been watching both Rings of Power and House of the Dragon. Honestly find House of the Dragon much more entertaining. While beautiful, RoP is just very slow going. So many different characters they change back and forth to, and some a bit boring (Isildor is very yawn worthy). The dwarves have been the most interesting so far. Galadriel does a good job too.

I haven’t seen house of the dragon yet. I find some of the storylines less intriguing than others for sure (I am mostly enjoying Elrond and Durin and the hobbits, whereas I don’t find the rest of the storylines all that interesting but it is beautiful nonetheless).

I am really loving it. Not having much knowledge about the Tolkien universe other than what is in the movies and what I can vaguely recall from reading LOTR and The Hobbit 20 years ago: I think it's just familiar enough while also keeping me guessing.

My theories:

Halbrand (Harbard? Holbrook? Whatever) is Sayron in disguise. The Stranger is Gandalf. I know there are textual reasons why this cannot be from some googling, but it's pretty clear to me they are compressing timelines or the storylines are not all happening at the same time necessarily.

I truly wish this user hadn't deleted her account b/c I want to talk to her so bad about this show and show she FUCKING CALLED IT lmao

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