So now that he's done blackface he's going to do womanface too?

Maybe he'll do both at the same time! A double whammy of offensive bullshit.

For real, I want Trudeau to dress up as Rupaul while his wife sings cringey renditions of African-American soul music

Seems the logical next step.

There’s also apparently some ethereal chatter that the first couple of the north are in Tom-and-Gisele territory, so who knows what’s really going on or why this administration seems obsessed with throwing money and attention at the alphabet project.

I guess he gave up on climate change being what he wants his legacy to be.

Also your occasional reminder he used to be an elementary school teacher. Something ain’t right with this guy.

Tucker’s going to have a field day.

I hope he falls for the egg grooming and becomes Tranada's first twans Prime Minister.

Sorry for any Canadian women, but your country's sideshow horror train is fascinating and hilarious. Eat some popcorn to avoid total despair.

It seems like a lot of attention in his govt seems to go to men in drag. Is he trying to tell us something or 🤷‍♀️

I wonder what he's trying to cover up this week. More atrocities against first nations peoples? Corruption within his party? Another racist costume?

Probably just distract from the economy or have another cudgel to bash the Tories with. Western democracies feel very terminal-stage Rome.

If Trudeau comes out as trans, that will prove that he has dead bodies in the basement

Justin, mate, you are full on cringe. Not only is your entire country embarrassed at you the rest of the world gets serious secondhand embarrassment everytime you open your mouth

I have no idea how our Canadian sisters are dealing with this specimen of a human being acting as prime minister.

I know right. We Americans get grief for letting Trump be in charge for 4 years. But....c'mon Canada.....🤣

Well his mother, nominal father, and obvious real father were all notorious swingers so it's no surprise that someone who must have been raised without a clear concept of appropriate sexual boundaries would carry on in that vein.

Wow! what an eye opener! I had heard the rumour but it seems it’s substantiated by solid evidence.