Looking for suggestions :)

Please state what platform/streaming service they are on, if you can.

Thank you!

Looking for suggestions :) Please state what platform/streaming service they are on, if you can. Thank you!


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Kevin Can F**k Himself

Flowers (on Netflix)

The IT crowd

Flowers is a show that makes you hate yourself for laughing at it

Father Ted, 30 Rock, Spaced, Arrested Development. I am bad with cringe comedy but I enjoy Peep Show even though I have to watch it through my fingers.

Oh and I recently binged Ted Lasso, it’s hilarious and charming and I got invested in the plot!

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I've been watching Motherland, which is on UK Netflix - season 3 just came out and it's hilarious. Quite surprised I've never seen it mentioned on Ovarit - it's got an almost entirely female cast, I believe most of the writers are women, and it's a real antidepressant, at least for me.

It's partly by Graham Linehan, like the IT crowd, and it's absolutely fantastic - about a group of mothers (and one stay-at-home dad) and has made me almost cry with laughter quite a few times. It's full to the brim of amazing and varied female characters, and the development and backstory they get is actually impressive for a comedy! There's the odd touching moment, which are really well done, but they don't overplay that aspect of it.

Also been watching the first few episodes of Ghosts, on iPlayer, which is also quite funny but maybe a little formulaic (and has most if not all of the cast of Horrible Histories), but I've got to say the second Motherland Season 3 came out I dropped Ghosts like a hot pan.

Edit: Also anything Philomena Cunk related - a lot of it's on Youtube. 10/10 would recommend.

I've enjoyed Ghosts, but am surprised at how many people I know absolutely rave about it.

For me, the "silliness" aspect of the HH team somewhat dilutes the comedy. It works brilliantly for the HH series, which I honestly can't fault, they're a brilliant way to get kids interested in history.

But for Ghosts and also that other fantasy series they made, it doesn't quite do it for me. It's amusing, but not laugh-out-loud.

That's exactly how I feel, too! I do like the main characters, but there's definitely a lot of Horrible Histories Humour in there. I too was surprised about the raving about the show, which is why I started watching it, but I'd put it solidly at maybe a 5 or 6 out of 10 on the funny scale.

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I'm in Australia, so shows are on different streaming platforms to US. Some I enjoy are:

Futurama, King of the Hill, Daria, Malcolm in the Middle, Red Dwarf, Black Books, The Vicar of Dibley, Horrible Histories, Yes Minister, Keeping Up Appearances

When I can find them I like the old classics, such as The Monkees, MASH, Bewitched, The Golden Girls, I Dream of Jeannie, The Brady Bunch, The Goodies

Derry Girls -- on Netflix in the US, don't know how it is elsewhere

Oh god it's BRILLIANT isn't it? So sad it's over, albeit much of the third series wasn't quite up to the standard of the first two (or just wasn't as funny).

Though the Liam Neeson scene nearly had me dying of laughter!

I’ve watched it multiple times. Recommend the Great British Bake Off where the cast competed.

The Office (US version) What We Do in the Shadows (the movie is also great).

30 Rock, Teachers, Arrested Development, Modern Family, Friends and the new Abbott Elementary.

The Kids in the Hall (amazon prime, the new season does have full male nudity in the first couple of episodes)

Seinfeld (Netflix i think, I own the dvds)

Black Adder (series 2-4, the movie was okay if I remember correctly, I don't know where it streams, I own the dvds)

Jeeves and Wooster (again I own the dvds)

Psych (Peacock)

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Schitt's Creek (my absolute favourite until the last seaon ruined a lot of the charm of the show for me)

What we do in the Shadows

Kim's Convenience

How I met your Mother


Modern Family

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gavin & Stacey

The Wrong Mans

The Big Bang Theory (we are currently re-watching the show, and so far it is so un-woke, it's refreshing)

ETA: Raising Hope


Sorry for the edit - I keep remembering more shows that I loved. - Don't know wether they are available on streaming services though.

I like Schitt's Creek too. I'm curious, why you didn't like the last season?

I never finished the last season, because I spoiled myself for the wedding of David and Patrick.

Honestly, I loved that they had such a normal relationship, and everything that happened in the last season just annoyed me. I want to do a re-watch, because the show was my absolute favourite, but that ending just sucks, IMO, and I don't even want to see it.

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