New post to share what you're currently watching, since the previous one has been archived.

New post to share what you're currently watching, since the previous one has been archived.


Hacks [HBO]

Explores a dark mentorship that forms between Deborah Vance, a legendary Las Vegas comedian, and an entitled, outcast 25-year-old.

Loving this show and I can relate a lot to both of the main women (played by Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder) when it comes to my professional life. Anyone watching this? The season 1 finale is tonight!

Harry Potter 1-8 [HBO]

Not a TV show but HBO added all the films and I'm watching them like a TV show (in 30 min increments lol). It's been like a decade since I last saw these and I am totally watching through a different lens. Forever annoyed that Hermione ends up with Ron. He treats her like absolute shit throughout.

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Yea!! I never understood that pairing, it made zero sense to me. Literally 90% of their conversations are arguments.

Reruns of Deep Space 9. It's the best Star Trek, that's a fact.

In the Pale Moonlight and Statistical Probabilities are my favourite comfort watches.

We’re currently watching them on Netflix too. Lots of strong women without a neon sign over their heads. Oh and they can smile too 😱

I just finished the episode where Grilka divorces Quark by publicly spitting in his face, then slaps and swears at him. The Klingon women are based.

Shadow and Bone. Adore it. Turns out you can have good fantasy with characters in real jeopardy without endless torture and rapes and female nudity. Should we tell GRRM?

The books are also great, highly recommend. They're labelled YA but I don't see why, except not too much violence and only off-page and allusions to sex.

On netflix I'm currently watching Blue Exorcist. I'm also watching My Hero Academia as the new episodes come out. I'm watching MHA on a free english dubbed website so it's a few episodes behind what paying users can get on the official website

Just finished up binge of All Things Great and Small (shows set in quaint English villages are my anti-depressant of choice). Watching The Good Place with my brood, and just started Russian Doll. Love Natasha Lyonne.

I need a comprehensive list of your quaint English village anti-depressant shows please because I am seemingly unable to find anything to watch that isn’t depressing.

Haha, I feel that. Off the top of my head: Cranford, Lark Rise to Candleford, The Indian Doctor, Sanditon, Last of the Summer Wine, Vicar of Dibley, Last Tango In Halifax (this one gets kinda serious in places). Also, takes place in the quaint Greek countryside, but Durrells in Corfu is great.

Less cheery, but also good: Grantchester (first 3 seasons, the second vicar... deeply meh), Home Fires, Land Girls. I've had several people rec Doc Martin and Father Brown. Detectorists has a lot of English countryside, but I had trouble getting into it.

Rewatching some old favorites: Seinfeld, The Nanny, Golden Girls, The Good Place.

I need a new show to get hooked on honestly since I’m caught up on Lucifer.

MasterChef Australia, Spicks and Specks, and Bluey on actual TV (as in being broadcast at the moment).

Just finished watching Police Rescue (Aussie police drama from the 90s). Currently making my way through Midsomer Murders, Poirot, and classic Doctor Who.

Equalizer, Clarice (which took a turn for the worse in the episodes over the last two weeks), Top Chef, Escape to the country, House Hunters, Wild racers, and over the last while a few Canadian shows like Frankie Drake, Pretty hard cases, Coroner, the great Canadian baking show (the British one is better though in my opinion), Burden of truth (but be warned, nobody is ever happy in this show, so it's morose). Looks like I watch far too much television...

Hacks... The season flew by.

Mythic Quest

How I Met Your Mother (rewatch with my kid so she can see some tv from when jokes were "offensive")

The Fall (Gillian Anderson). A replacement for Mare of Easttown, which I am in withdrawal over.

On Hacks - I wonder why they chose to premiere two episodes every week? Season 1 lasted only 5 weeks! The finale was depressing but it was so good. Can't wait for season 2.

Mare of Easttown is next on my list! I will probably finish it before the weekend is over.

I just finished watching Six Feet Under. The slog through season 4 and the first half of season 5 was worth it just to see the finale. I haven’t cried so hard in YEARS! I had to watch it twice just to pick up on everything. I tried to get into Dexter (as I liked Michael C Hall) but it made me so nauseous. It’s funny because the first two episodes weren’t that gruesome and I have been a huge fan of crime dramas for awhile now. I think what hit me hard is that he’s a sociopath who just dated women with no concern for them (as he could not feel love for anyone). Never before has a TV show made me physically ill. Even though he’s a “good” serial killer, he’s still an ass. IDK how anyone can get into this show, but I know it’s hugely popular with a reboot coming out soon. (That’s part of why I wanted to watch it.)

Rewatching Z Nation. I still can't believe it's an Asylum product. It's so much better than Walking Dead. Yes I still like the zombie genre lol.

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