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It's funny because twitter is blowing up about how "personality is more than being gay, this is homophobic and stereotypically harmful"

Yet they're pretty much the same folx who invent new pronouns daily, insist playing with dolls makes you the opposite sex, have 800 gender flags and claim they're a special flavor of a qUeEr in every other tweet.

I'd laugh but I'm so tired of this shit lol

The Q is for "queer"? How offensive. It looks like a parody. It looks like SNL or similar (pre-woke days) had a big budget for an animated skit.

It's also very dismissive of real gay people. Anyone L or B here, I know I don't hang out with a representative of everyone on the hideous new flag, do you? They think their LGBQT+ is a box of crayons that always travels in a pack, with one of each represented?

This HURTS LGB. It lumps all LGB with crazy people. I don't even think LGB belong together because gay men rarely see women any better than straight men, and maybe worse.

Ridiculous. I'm sick of the dumbass characters and shows were the entire personality is being gay. And gay sterotypes are so harmful. I see my brother struggle with it all the time.

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I cringed so hard my body turned inside out and I am typing this with my ribcage. So not only did I suffer the secondhand embarassment for everyone involved with making that trailer, I am also now going to be studied for medical science. Thanks a lot, Netflix.

(Also, what a lot of men in one trailer! Should've called it Man Force.)

Edit: Also thought the description sounded fine, tbh. But that trailer was definitely dragged up from the abyss at the end of the world.

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I cannot get over the fact that "my little butthole went, "Boop!"" got greenlit. It's so incredibly cringy, and the accompanying actions don't help it at all.

Also oh shit, I didn't watch it with sound initially - I THOUGHT the butthole character was a GNC lesbian! I'm even more offended now lol

Yeah, it's not even so bad it's good, it's just bad. And nearly all the voices sound male to me, except for some reason the person climbing the side of a building who talks about getting hard? So seems like a male character with a female VA (or maybe I'm just shit at distinguishing voices :P). And the woman in the control room I guess. Looks like there's maybe one other woman in it... who doesn't speak. 🙃

Drawn Together was somehow more tasteful than that. This is some Ambiguously Gay Duo level of writing.

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Who is the target audience for this shit? They can't possibly think that gay men are actually interested? I mean, I'm not a gay man but the ones I know would think this is stupid af. The only people I can imagine watching this are young TIFs who are obsessed with gay men. Lol

I had a conversation with a friend about that and we also got confused who is at aimed for. We both agreed that neither straight or gay people would be interested in this show

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Sean Hayes your better then this.

Bring back Queer as Folk with the original cast, stop ageism in recasting reboots especially, everyone loves the beautiful talented actors who originated the characters. Include new characters and dont let anyone under thirty near the writers room.

This is aimed at the "Make it gayer!" 20 somethings where gay stereotyping - excuse me, gay coding - is progressive. The trailer was nothing but sex (haha buttsex!!) jokes. Cringe.