For context, the daughter Paige has been doing spy training with her mom and has been getting cocky about her abilities. She was in a situation in a bar where she defended herself against a college guy, but the guy was caught off-guard and drunk. We see so many Strong Female Characters in movies these days of stick-thin actresses winning fights against men twice their size and while it's entertaining, it's dangerously unrealistic. In this scene, Paige's father teaches her an important lesson by offering to spar with her, thereby showing her how quickly and easily she'd be overpowered by any regular man, particularly one who knows what he's doing. He wants her to be safe and knows he can't convince her out of playing spy with her mom, but by doing this, he very effectively teaches her an important lesson. It's a scene that's always stuck with me.

I remember one time when my younger brother and I were playfully pushing against each other and he easily pushed me back. Our strength difference is ridiculous and he was like 12 at the time. There is something so weird about your baby brother being so much stronger than you. Definitely a humbling experience.

We see so many Strong Female Characters in movies these days of stick-thin actresses winning fights against men twice their size and while it's entertaining, it's dangerously unrealistic.

Yes. It always made me think that if I ever ended up in a dangerous situation, I could fight back and it would work. In reality, Danny DeVito could probably fend me off without breaking a sweat, and if it was more than one man? No chance.

The strongest 20% of women are stronger or as strong as the weakest 20% of men. It's important to remember that. The best way to fight is to not have to fight at all.

idk why men being stronger than women was ever considered some kind of winpoint to men's position over women in society. the only reason it was ever needed was for protection against other male violence. the only actual regular predator of human beings is human males and fucking polar bears.

the minute we invented basic technology and society, any male advantage became obsolete. so of course men used the only advantage they had to enslave women to them and foment invasion and warfare(against yet always each other) to keep their specialty relevant.

as soon as society and technology outleveled using warfare, men have struggled to grasp on to their power through religion and bastardized logic and continued attempts at oppression and as a last resort, yet again male violence. it's all they've ever had over women, at the end of it.

it's not an accomplishment for a women to be as good at violence as a man. it's an accomplishment to phase violence out so effectively and entirely no male advantage would matter.

anyway if i had my druthers all women throughout history would have had a taser installed in them at birth and then we'd be living in starfleet righf now.


Ironic that the most lethal (non-human) predators of humans have always been the kind of critters against whom brute strength is useless.

Damn right. While I was as a teenager, I am no longer envious of men's strength.

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Well put. They know they’re obsolete, too.

Buy a gun or a taser. We are already smarter and more alert than they are. Yes they can take you by surprise and kill you, but so can a woman. Domestic abuse is the only situation where male physical strength even comes into the picture, and that has a lot more dimensions to it than just physical that need to be addressed.

Male violent crime against women is higher than vice versa not because they are so physically superior, but rather because they are more entitled and poorer at considering long-term consequences of their actions. Males actually target each other more than women even if you look at crime statistics, which is insanity considering how even slight weight differences between two men radically change the outcome of a fight. If I were a man, I would be very cautious attacking another man, but then again I wouldn’t because I’d be running on heaps of testosterone and toxic male socialization.

With technology we have available today, the only reason any of us are alive is because no one, male or female, has decided to kill us. That’s it. Male strength is irrelevant. Sport is childish nonsense that is a waste of time. Moving heavy things can be done with tools or a bit of creative thinking. Worst case you can pay men to move them for you.

It is NOT the same as childbirth, where they are totally dependent on us for every aspect of that. I sure as hell can’t lift 150 lb anything, much less carry it a quarter mile and up two flights of stairs. But when faced with that problem, I found a solution easily—no man needed.

Never let men going on about “the wonders of male strength” phase you. It is a cope. They know their “evolutionary advantage” is worthless. All that’s left of relevance now is the ill health effects testosterone wreaks on their bodies.

A taser that cannot be used against them. It's more likely that the man attacking you fights through it, takes it, and uses it against you.

It's ridiculous. I recently watched Ava. In it, Jessica Chastain has a climactic martial arts fight with Colin Farrell and they're evenly matched. 5'4, size 0 Jessica Chastain fights off 5'10, well-muscled Colin Farrell. It's preceded by a scene where she fights off several men at once in a night club. It was fun to watch, but I don't like the idea of impressionable girls thinking it's realistic to beat men in a physical fight.

God, that was such a good show. Great ending too. One of the few perfect TV shows I think.

I loved it too. In the end, neither of the protagonists died, yet it was still devastating.

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What a great scene.

Never heard of the show, time to look it up!

Do yourself a favor and watch it ASAP. They planned the ending and it's perfect. Every season was good, honestly probably my favorite show of all time.

I had to subscribe to prime or rent it. Totally worth the money.

So glad you liked it! I will watch anything with Keri Russell or Matthew Rhys now. The new Perry Mason is great.

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What's it on in the uk, looks like disney+ only?

Hey Jon, got that wrong. It was on FX in the US if that is helpful. I misremembered.

No idea, sorry! It was on AMC in the US. I think if you are seeing it there in the UK, that's probably the only place to get it without using a VPN/taking to the high seas. Usually streaming rights are exclusive for shows like that on a country-by-country basis.

This scene convinced me to watch the whole series, and wow, did it not disappoint! It's on German Netflix, if anyone is interested.