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it’s TERF problem

How can a journalist not know the difference between it's and its?

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Infuriating. Fuck him.


Edit: lmfao his fucking twitter bio

james stout
@ jamesstout
hack investigative journalist, actual historian of anti fascist physical culture, aspiring MAMIL, immigrant, director @ pascuayaquibike
. DM for signal. he/him

("MAMIL is an acronym and a pejorative term for a "middle-aged man in lycra" – that is, men who ride an expensive racing bicycle for leisure, while wearing body-hugging jerseys and bicycle shorts.")


Image Transcription: Twitter

james stout, @ jamesstout

Hello, I have written a story for ⁦@ autostraddle about cycling and it’s TERF problem. Thanks, as always, to ⁦ @ t_seplavy⁩ for sharing her stories and helping make bike racing better.

Cycling Has a Trans Exclusion Problem | Autostraddle (https://archive.ph/MpEie)

Inga Thompson Fdn OLY, @ ithompsonfdn

What science tells us about transgender women athletes (https://archive.ph/NKC4B)

james stout, @ jamesstout

Get the fuck out of my replies TERF

Chief Brody, @ ChiefBrody19

And you wonder why we don’t want men like you in our safe spaces… you utter bloody clown.

Inga Thompson Fdn OLY, @ ithompsonfdn

@ jamesstout talks about me in his article, but wants me to be silent. How’s that working for you???

Cathy Devine, @ cathydevine56

Wow. Self-confessed [male] 'hack' talks to [female] 3 x Olympian like this. Because she points out that no amount of T suppression removes puberty-related [male] advantage in TW. The abuse women go through for speaking up defend a level playing field for female athletes. Silencing tactics.

Can we also talk about how that title is lazy clickbait shit straight out of this Ryan Long sketch


Edit2: oh my fucking god. THIS is "Tara".


Immigrant lol. I don't know why but I get the feel he means his ancestors immigrated from Normandy back in the 11th century. 😂

MAMIL! Oh I’m gonna remember and use that one. They are everywhere on the roads around me in their groovy gear. They behave like they own the road and that basic traffic laws don’t apply to them. They are PITAs and make me nuts. I just love reducing my speed to 5 mph, keeping a respectful distance and waiting for oncoming traffic to thin so I can safely pass one, (or two abreast!) and then he blows right by me at the stop sign or traffic light, putting me behind him AGAIN. To have to do it all over AGAIN.

Man with irrelevant opinions ✔️ Writing an article for a website not meant for him ✔️ Blames his problems on women ✔️ Silences women ✔️

We got a grade A male feminist here. Classic. Oh what will we ever do without such an “amazing” ally.

Also this gives me “I’m literally the guy in the pic” meme vibes lolol

I swear Twitter led to the normalization of supposed "professionals" acting like rabid dogs. How can you speak like that and be taken seriously rather than ostracized?