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Hi male mod from that shitty male-worshipping sub! You were the one who peaked me, if it wasn't for you I'd still be a blind and kind ally. Now I'll fight with all I have to make sure you will NEVER have access to our female spaces, because you are a man ❤️ die mad about it, so future archeologists can find your male bones and declare they have found a male specimen!

Same! That TIM mod banned me because I objected to being called "person with a uterus!" Hello TIM mod, you'll never be a woman <3

They insist that people call them women, then ban women who object to being called "person with a uterus". Yup, sounds about right for meddit.

I got eaten alive by tifs in the endo subreddit for the same thing not long ago. Am banned after having been a member there for 11 years and, you know, having endometriosis.

I saw the comment that said “the mods are very familiar with spotting transphobia” and immediately knew their mods are trans. My husband asked me if I knew of that sub and I said I did but that I didn’t visit it anymore, he asked why and I said it got real weird about the trans stuff, he asked what I meant by that, and I pointed at the screen - first 4 threads were about trans people, and the stickies post was about educating oneself to be better and less transphobic.

He said “oh”

Aren't most mods on reddit trans?

Seems that way now, but mainly in female spaces and any subs that might talk about trans people issues, like /r/science has one that banned me 🙄

There's nothing more against the patriarchy than telling women to reshape their mindsets in order to be kinder to men who are stepping over them!

Someone told me once that “Women’s rights” is a TERF dog-whistle and that really just tells you everything you need to know.

Reminds me of the so-called "rational" wiki and their claim that 'male violence' is also a terf dog-whistle.

discovering women can be more rational than men and very often are was one of my favorite young woman moments

Are they going to blame us for 'afab' now? We're not the ones who believe sex/gender is 'assigned' at birth.

Has anyone checked out the comments?

They also hate when women like me ID as intersex for having PCOS (the intersex community has said this is valid, especially since we share a lot of similar feeling with trans women)

Guess intersex is now just another identity?

TERF’s have taken over PCOS “support groups” and have told women like myself who ID as intersex because it makes us feel better about a condition we ultimately can’t fix, that we actually are supposed to loathe our bodies for making up into these “not really women, we are monstrous types who make too much testosterone and don’t get periods and can’t get pregnant without serious help like “ReAL WoMeN”.

Yeah, that definitely happened.

I highly, HIGHLY doubt anyone with an actual DSD would accept PCOS as intersex.

Misogynistic, personality disordered, ugly, unwashed, pathological liars.

Read what she wrote again

They also hate when women like me ID as intersex for having PCOS (the intersex community has said this is valid, especially since we share a lot of similar feeling with trans women)

They’re listening to the trans community that are IDing as intersex not actual intersex people

I agree, but on the other hand I wouldn't be at all surprised if they managed to force their way into yet another marginalised community.

Holy fuckin shit. I had seen a different “identify as intersex” comment and was so confused because, in the real world where I live, one cannot identify themselves into legitimate medical conditions. I suppose I should have guessed though.

And you didn't quote the best part:

It really fucked with my head as a teen running to that “real women have regular periods and don’t grow facial hair, and anyone who has these issues is ugly and possibly not a real women so maybe we should rough them up because they’re just men in dresses” bigotry, it still hurts when I see it too.

Yes, it's 100% real, the TERF police is coming for all women with facial hair /s For one, radfems are more accepting of masculine women because they are still women. TRAs are the ones trying to imply that women who like male things aren't women.

The only time I've ever heard anyone imply that I'm not entirely female because of my PCOS, it was a TRA. It was a post full of disinformation meant to co-opt intersex conditions. They were claiming that PCOS was somewhere between the experience of maleness and femaleness, just like intersex conditions and transgender conditions and various other medical conditions. The targeting of PCOS was strategic. Giving a woman T mimics PCOS.

Literally no terf ever has said these things lmao

It's TRAs and other gender-lovers like conservatives who believe women have to fit stereotypes to be proper women. Meanwhile us "terfs" are the only ones pointing out that it's bullshit! TRAs have no arguments, only projection.

Yeah they literally invented what a terf is and tell each other what the big bad wolf looks like and they actually have no clue


I think they're confusing regular conservatives, who believe women should all be feminine and also hate trans people, with radical feminists.

TRAs claim that they want to abolish gender and then push the HARSHEST gender roles, to them you can’t possibly be a woman if you have irregular periods and facial hair - infact TERFs don’t want you in their bathrooms either, better trans and come over here where your strict gender role can be assigned ahum liberated for you.

I love how they constantly accuse us of being pro very strict standards of femininity and of being less feminine than TIMs.

It's absolutely fascinating watching them invent all kinds of completely nonsense 'terf' stances and beliefs that have absolutely no basis in reality. It's almost like they never listen to any of our arguments.

ID as intersex 😂 Jfc these people all need mental health interventions. Who cares what makes her feel better? Find better coping skills ffs.

This annoys me so much. None of these are “dogwhistles” - in politics a “dogwhistle” means a coded phrase that only certain sides understand, like “Let’s go Brandon” or that circle sign with your hand or similar.

When feminists use terms like “biological male” or “assigned female at birth” that’s exactly what we mean. We’re even trying to use TRAs’ own terms so they can understand us! Complete opposite of a dogwhistle.

Those dastardly women using words to mean their meanings! It's nefarious!

I swear black women live in their heads rent free. They really do see us as less than for constantly comparing us to trans. They never use “white women” to compare to despite most the 🚂 being white men 🙄

That last point on the list

Being AGAINST all kinks as they think being trans is one

This seems like such a bizarre take. They may as well argue that radfems are against all beliefs because gender identity is a belief. The kink critique would still exist without trans identifying people. They take everything to be about them and a personal attack.

[–] Clarbg 3 points Edited

It's almost like they know nothing about what radfems actually believe.

That’s the sort of red flag that makes me so concerned about what’s really going on here (eradicating all boundaries), and I feel like a conspiracy nut.

I was once talking to a dim & racist TRA who said banning trans women means we need to ban black women because they are masculine.

I was permabanned for this comment:

White woman = female Black woman = female Disabled woman = female Trans woman = male

Humans are sexually dimorphic animals with immutable differences between the sexes. Trans women are biological males and will always be males. Black women are not males, they are females therefore there is no reason to ban them. Also, your comment is disgustingly racist.

Banned within hours.

They think black women are masculine? A lot of Black women tend to have curvier bodies on average, very unlike men. I'm not really sure what the science says, but even if black women had slightly more testosterone that doesn't make them masculine. Every woman has some testosterone in them.

The answer if simple, they are racists, many are former nazis

The current mainstream standard for beauty and desirability for women is literally derived from black culture and black women so it's insane that they make this claim as if that's something anyone other than them believes.

[–] LOriginedumonde 30 points Edited

That sub is filled with creepy men and angsty teenage girls who don’t know their ass from their elbow. ‘TERF’ is their fictional boogyman that they’ve concocted with their underdeveloped and over imaginative kid brains to make themselves feel self righteous and important. It’s best to just let them play pretend amongst themselves, anyone with even half a functional brain can see it for what it is.

We don’t use terms like “afab” or “wombyn” to mean “women” because we all know what women means. We just say woman. It’s the TRAs who don’t.

[–] spw 14 points

"Let's make sure everyone feels welcome in the spaces where they belong!"

Agreed, but males don't belong in women's spaces. Let's make sure actual women feel welcome by making sure men aren't there

Lmao, I got kicked out of that sub for not being a male supremacist. I guess they didn't lie, only women like us aren't welcome and don't belong with them. One of the reasons I've wanted a spirituality circle here is because we could do it so much better than them, sans the milquetoast male pandering. Oh well.

Oh that sub. It should be r/witchesforpatriarchy, except... what an oxymoronic concept, surely witches are by definition versus patriarchy? Wannabe witches then.

Edgy scrotes appropriating yet another typically female symbol. Witches can be positive role models for women who refuse to conform and live under men's rules, so of course they had to destroy it. At this point I'm convinced everything they do is to destroy "unsympathetic" feminism. That sub has become "MRAsAndHandmaidensForPatriarchy"

Males claiming to be witches seems kind of icky to me. But I guess there were a few men executed for witchcraft throughout history. I'd like to hear some radfem opinions on this

[–] Phileremon 9 points Edited

Yes, during the Middle Ages the word "witch" applied to men too. And during the Salem witchcraft trials, there were men accused and at least one killed. But far and away more women were killed for being "witches". And there are still women being persecuted and killed for being perceived as witches. The best resource I have read on the subject is "Witchcraft in the Middle Ages" by Jeffrey Burton Russell. It is a dense academic work and it is fantastic.

The term "witch" has nuance that is important. It's never been a slur used against men as it is for women, for one. While technically not incorrect for a man to use, it doesn't necessarily sit right with me. For a woman there is power in reclaiming the word.

I could say more on the subject but it is time for bed!

*edit to add

The handbook for witch hunting was "Malleus Maleficarum" ("The Hammer of Witches") by Kramer and Sprenger and it influenced European and colonial American culture. Two points I'd like to make: first is that "maleficarum" is specifically feminine. If men were included the gender of the Latin would be masculine (inclusive) and read "maleficorum". Second is this quote from the book: "All witchcraft comes from carnal lust which is in women insatiable."

The witchcraze was rooted in misogyny and that is why I call bullshit on men who try to claim/reclaim the term "witch". The type of men to call themselves "witches" seem to be the type who call themselves "queer" and TIMs, at any rate (as opposed to "occultist", "mage", or "sorcerer").

I’m sure I read somewhere here that men calling women witches (who were often more medicine woman types and had knowledge of midwifery, breastfeeding, local herbs etc) and effectively destroying their knowledge set medicine back hundereds of years - I don’t have a source or anything it was just a comment I saw but it made sense

Also “burn the witch” has never been a statement used towards a man, there’s nothing to reclaim for them.

This was a great and informative comment! Helps me articulate why I don't like men calling themselves witches even though a few men were accused of witchcraft.

But I guess there were a few men executed for witchcraft throughout history.

Who cares?

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