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Imagine if a woman showed up at a trans rights rally with “Kill Trans People” daubed on herself in fake blood - just imagine for a second what would be done to her.

make up done in the style of the V for vendetta Guy Fawkes mask too.

I think we need to arm ourselves frankly

One wouldn't have to go that far. Just say transwomen are men, and prepare to be murdered.

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If this is the "right side of history" then it's becoming really obvious that the future TRAs want is one where women are not considered humans worthy of personhood. They want people like this writing the history books. Presumably, women won't be allowed to become literate, less we start thinking for ourselves again.

We talk a lot about right wing women and how they seem to constantly fight against their own best interests. But at this point I can say I honestly do not see liberal feminists in a different light. They are fighting for their own subjugation. They want any woman who tells them they deserve more cancelled. They call for the brutal murders of women who tell them they're more than sex objects or emotional support animals for men.

Sometimes I wonder what I'm even fighting for. Both conservative and liberal women seem very comfortable with the boots on their necks and despise me for not enjoying the one on mine. They are training their daughters, at young and younger ages, to love them as well lest they go to school and run into a teacher who tells them that they're worth more than how well they can serve men. Feels like a lost battle at this point. I mean, we just lost the right to make choices about our own bodies and even the organizations that were created to stop that are more interested in reminding us to mind The Boot and defer to men than fight for change.

This is going to sound cold and it's not in line with the goals of radical feminism. But if only these assholes could leave lesbians alone, I'd probably be washing my hands of it all right now. You like being an object? The terms "womb carrier and front hole" suit you just fine? Great. Have at it. I'll be over here with the women who have self-respect.

I feel you but also must say that even the suffragettes did not have the support of women until one of them threw herself in front of the kings horse, shit changed after that.

Sickening. A bit off topic here..but the picture reminds me: why is it that their movement always equates being “a woman” with fashion—high heels, hair, makeup, etc. As if that’s what actually distinguishes us from men.

Disgusting. But how many people peaked just looking at him?

Hopefully at least 1. There're so many others who see no issue with this at all.

Ah, Spain. Never fails to embarrass me.

Is the entirety of the country like that? As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was in Toledo on international women’s day, and the parade there was utterly delightful. Lots of radfem messaging, lots of joy, men and women alike participating and lots of families. The tiny TRA contingent was a joke and virtually ignored.

I suppose Barcelona is one of the woker locales, which is too bad because I would like to spend some time there in the future.

Oh the radfems are badass here. We're just very shouted over and despised like everywhere

I’ll never understand why freaks like this show up at protests. All they’re doing is going opposers more fuel to to reject their bullshit and call it out for what it is. An entire circus act.

Imagine convincing women that killing other women is a healthy and sane thing to do.

Oh wait, haven’t we done this before?? Wasn’t there a period of history where you could be killed for being a witch??

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