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I'd love to ask these people "what is a TERF" because the answers are all over the place and complete nonsense. Just play dumb to show how dumb they are, it works

Old and fat.

I’m a gamer but fuck if I’ll ever look like that.

paunchy bearded man gestures threateningly with a closed fist in reference to a group of women he dislikes. such progressive.

I'm a gamer glad I like single player so I never end up in a mutliplayer with beardy weirdies like that mess.

Well he looks like the typical gamer. I’ll never understand why women date men like that. (Yes, I know this one is gay, but the ones who date women are still just as lowly.)

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Lots of comments calling it out.

...on that note, I had no idea the fugly Progress flag now has its own emoji. Urgh