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Terf is not used to “make fun of” radical feminists. It’s used to drive women out of feminism if they don’t believe men can be women.

If men want to adopt the sex role stereotypes (aka gender) forced on women, that’s 1) a sign of their privilege and b) doesn’t make them women. I’m allowed to close my eyes and trip over inaccessible curbs but that doesn’t make me blind.

I mean, isn’t radical feminism inherently trans exclusionary? It just feels redundant using “trans exclusionary” and “radical feminist” in the same sentence. And then they claim TERFS are neither! It’s like saying female Woman (lol) or religious Christian, it’s totally unnecessary. Feminism has never been for men, males. It is and always will be female liberation. I can’t take off being female, they can. Ugh.

Well radical feminism is Trans Inclusionary of TIFs on the basis that they are female and women/girls (as much as they want to deny it).

Real radical feminism is Male Exclusionary.

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THIS! Absolutely no radical feminists are out there saying "Equal rights for all women! Except the women that call themselves men or non binary, fuck them". RFs are MALE exclusionary, NOT "trans exclusionary".

This is similar to the sports issue. "Transgender people" were NEVER excluded from sports. There are TIFs playing on women's sports leagues (I know of at least two, a Canadian soccer player and a WNBA player) and nobody cares whatsoever. It's about excluding MALES from FEMALE sports.

TRAs try to use word play and sleight of hand to obfuscate the reality, because the reality is theirs is a male supremacist movement, and ours is simply an oppressed group (women) asking for our own rights and spaces, which is no more "exclusionary" than say, BLM is "white exclusionary".

True! It certainly seems like TIFs have been shunted to the side of the trans movement in favor of Twanswimmen front and center. Wonder why that is…

I can’t take off being female, they can. Ugh.

They never had it on to begin with.

Ah, true. I considered editing my post, but just left it as is. Weird how TIMs have appropriated both Woman AND female tho. I suppose the TIFs on steroids could be said to be obfuscating their sex, but yes, sex is immutable and the correct meaning is that TIMs take off their womanhood costume when it suits them.

I mean, isn’t radical feminism inherently trans exclusionary?

You should flip this. Feminism doesn't care about trans people inherently. Feminist discourse talks about all the ways we have a society that priviledge men at the expense of women based on our collective ability to bear children and beliefs about what women are that disadvantage women in traditionally male spaces-- which is a serious problem because basically all public life is a traditionally male space.

TRA's are anti-feminist because feminism has some pretty cohesive arguments against transwomen being included in women's spaces on the basis of their male-pattern behaviors to dominate and control women. When trans women enter women's spaces and proceed to dominate and control the women they negate the benefit to women that that space provides. Spaces away from majority group members are critical for marginalized populations to organize and develop group solidarity.

Feminism doesn't care about transwomen but it definitely says that just because a man puts on a dress and says he's a woman doesn't mean that he's still not relating to women in the same male behavior mode that he always has.

Feminism isn't trans exclusionary, TRA's are anti-feminist because feminism doesn't benefit them and takes the power to control women away from them which they feel entitled to because they're men. Using the TERF label for some feminists and not others divides and further marginalizes women who advocate for women's advancement and consolidates male priviledge and power to men and maintains male group solidarity.

They always want the focus on the trans. Can't have anyone looking into actual women's rights.

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Imagine having "uses TERF" as a flair lmao what is that to be proud of

being trans is normal

Lmfao so normal that you have to literally change everything that you had naturally okay

I actually posted the flair using Reddit Enhancement Suite. Helps me keep track of TRAs.

I really need to start doing that myself. Not with just TERF but users in general. I miss the old forum systems of having user uploaded icons

There is so much wrong with this, but it's indicative of how Reddit is silencing anyone who dare question trans rhetoric. This person mods over 200 subs, including some of the top ones. This person has no idea if anyone they are banning even identifies as a radical feminist, let alone a trans-exclusionary one. They are simply using the word terf to label, attack, and silence anyone who disagrees with the trans narrative. In that way, it's most definitely being used as a slur.

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Reddit is literally unironically run by a cabal of wife-beating deadbeat dad pornsick TIMs. It's almost impressive how if you go to virtually any subreddit (even if it has nothing to do with gender) and sort by top/all there is ALWAYS some TIM bullshit. And yes, TIM bullshit, not transgender bullshit, because they're a bunch of male supremacist dudes and TIFs don't actually matter to them beyond being pawns. Also, any time there is news that goes against the TIM narrative (eg, anything about Lia Thomas) it gets silenced super quickly.

Even if we granted that Reddit has a male bias, and a "liberal" (in the American politics sense) bias, that still wouldn't explain why girldicks are the top of basically every subreddit and even the most milquetoast, pandering type comments that are anything less than 110% pro TRA are treated as if you just walked into the room in a KKK hood, noose in hand, dropping N bombs level of hatred.

Like, even when a clueless normie stumbles in with some "Let me just say I am 100% supportive of the LGBTQIA+ and I believe trans women are women, however I can understand why some cis women might not feel totally comfortable with a convicted sex offender walking into a Girl Scout field trip with her dick and balls hanging out" type comment, they get torn apart and told they're basically causing a transgender holocaust with their hate speech. That has an effect on people.

At a certain point I'm just an accelerationist now, let the world burn. For a period of time, being super extreme about a topic most people don't understand well will lead your average person to be like "Well, everyone [actually just like 3-4 TIMs that manipulate reddit] seems to think this is super offensive so I'll just avoid the whole thing". It's a classic abusive tactics used by narcissists to gaslight and DARVO their victims: overreact SO greatly that normal people assume you must have a good reason to be upset with your victim, because normal people wouldn't have such an extreme response unless the person really did something truly awful. Authoritarian dictators also use similar tactics, exacting extreme punishments for the tiniest of "infractions" (best not post any Winnie the Pooh memes!) so people just quiet down rather than deal with the hassle, thus giving the dictator an echo chamber where he only hears praise of himself.

The problem for them in the long run is that now we're all talking to each other, we have our own platforms, and the overreach is getting so absurd that even people who were previously extremely sympathetic are now turning on them. So I kinda say fuck it, let them have their overreach, ban random soccer moms and label them radical feminists, hell they even start mistakenly labeling men radical feminists. Eventually they will turn off enough people that the tide will turn. I'm convinced this is why the UK is changing now, the level of public awareness is so much higher.

I had a look at this mod and he is moderator of many top subreddits and is constantly actively lobbying to take over other subreddits, so I think the issue is these knobs without jobs are in charge of most of the subs that make it to r/all so that they can control the narrative.

This person mods over 200 subs

Ah, so zero connection to reality and the outside world, got it.

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Archive: https://archive.ph/NJ55N

Reveddit with removed comments: https://www.reveddit.com/v/WhitePeopleTwitter/comments/wcdz79/where_does_it_end/?ps_after=1659252489%2C1659258881%2C1659268304

Image Transcription: Reddit

Merari01 [M]

The term "TERF" stands for "Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist" and refers to (mostly) women who are so bigoted that they hate trans women for no sane reason.

It is an acronym they coined themselves. After it became widely used to make fun of them instead for reasons I'll explain below they disavowed it and started insisting that it was a "slur" instead. Which it isn't, a slur is an insult which perpetuates systemic injustice. TERF is definitely used to insult these people, but a bigot is not a marginalised minority. There is no systemic injustice against bigots to perpetuate. It's simply not possible to be bigoted against bigotry. Exclusion of bigotry is wanted and good.

The reason people made fun of TERFs for the name they gave themselves is because it is such a wildly inaccurate and presumpteous label.

TERFs may be Trans Exclusionary, there is nothing Radical, nor Feminist about them. Feminists oppose patriarchal systems, of which a rigid adherence to forced gender and sex roles is definitely one. Feminists overwhelmingly are of the opinion that it is a person themself who will decide their own identity and what societal roles are appropriate for them. To a feminist, the phrase that trans women are women is seen as a matter of course.

For the same reason there is nothing Radical about TERF ideology either. It's simply extreme convervative forced gender roles inside a rigid patriarchal system.

Merari01 [M] - stickied comment

Bigotry is harmful and not tolerated in this subreddit.

We will not allow bigoted language of any kind and we are not fooled by your dogwhistles either.

Any type of bigoted language results in a permanent, non-appealable ban and that includes the new-ish dogwhistle "biological man". If you're not a TERF then you have no problem using the scientifically and medically correct and non-bigoted nomenclature "cisgender" and "transgender".

It also includes insisting that it is an imposition for you not to misgender someone. It is not. It is perfectly normal and not difficult at all, it doesn't cost you any effort to use someone's correct pronouns. You in fact have to go out of your way to intentionally misgender someone, it is a societal faux-pas ingrained in you at a very young age to avoid.

Please help us by reporting bigots.

Trans rights are human rights.

Being trans is normal.

Take a shot every time the word "bigot" is used

[W]omen who are so bigoted that they hate trans women for no sane reason.

Flashing us with their wieners / stealing our spots on sport teams / stealing our medals and scholarships / stealing our spots on sex-balanced boards and committees / threatening us with rape and violence if we don’t bow down to their magical gender identities = bigoted for no sane reason

I love how they keep using the word bigot without any irony, none of them have ever looked at a dictionary and realized they are bigots. also they are being sexist for universally excluding men from the Terfdom, they are bigotted against all those self proclaimed male feminists out there

this is one of the comments:

"Actually, it does harm me. You see, now I can't... uhh.. call them slurs which is against my freedom to call people slurs!!! So much for the tolerant left (/s for the whole thing, obviously)"

shit pisses me off. how woke and feminist of you to trivialize women's issues. yes, if all a man has to do to access women's spaces is to say he's a woman only, then we have problems. women get harrassed, ogled, by TiMs in women's spaces. people are so quick to forget about the likes of Yaniv.

They love to claim that radfems coined the term themselves but I have never seen evidence of that.

I haven't either. Does anyone know who coined the term?

It was a libfem blogger who went by TigTog at the blog "Hoyden Around Town". Previously the libfems had called us "radscum", "TERF" became the replacement. It was originally used against us as a pejorative, radical feminists weren't defining ourselves as "TERFs", it was a way to lable us as heretics and kick us out of "feminist" spaces.

[–] GenderHeretic 3 points Edited

I was about to say this. I was a reader of that blog at the time and familiar with that circle of libfems. It was also a way for them to include their friends who self-IDed as radical feminists because they were against porn and prostitution, and create a distinction between said friends and the "bad" feminists who refuse to call TIMs women: there are the radical feminists and the trans-excluding radical feminists.

It was always pejorative, they coined it, but it was just a term used between a clique of friends. It was men (TIMs) who excitedly latched onto it the minute they heard it and made it the frothing-at-the-mouth unpersoning label it is today, with all its connotations of deserved violence and fair game for any and all destruction of the "TERF's" life.

Some asshole named Cristan Williams. Writes some real dramatic propaganda against women.

Its not an insult to me, it just demonstrates how pathetic the user is.

just remember it mean Tired of Explaining Reality to F***wits

There meaning is pathetic anyway its just like a emm yeah duh, of course, not a feminist if your not.

[–] crodish 13 points Edited

No, no, they use FARTs now, Feminism Appropriating Reactionary Transphobes, toootally more sophisticated and totally taking off like hotcakes

Fetishists Angry at Real Truths?

Females Against Regressive Theology?

I like that second one best, I'm leaving it at that

That one does make me laugh. Because only an immature terminally online male would come up with that. It just proves they aren't women.

[–] GenderHeretic 2 points Edited

It always makes me giggle because they keep saying we're a threat to their lives.

"FARTs kill trans women every day! Stay away from toxic FARTs, they're dangerous! They're so poisonous that even hearing one can hurt you! FARTs are unwelcome and not valid!!!!"

'biological man' is a dogwhistle that will result in a permanent, non-appealable ban!!

Time to get banned from that sub for saying the BM word 😎

What's the BM word?

[–] levier 1 points Edited

Biological man hahaha the mod says its a dogwhistle

Thanks! I actually figured it out after I saw it posted someplace else. Everything is a dogwhistle to them. I cannot believe grown adults are so fragile, they will fall apart by hearing the word "man." It's pathetic.

Since when were men a minority? 😂 Notice how they only ever talk about TiMs? Even with pretending, TiFs never seem to get that male entitlement and privilege card!

Is it true that he acronym TERF was coined by radfem themselves? I genuinely ask.

I always assume, when a man is talking about anything to do with feminism, that at best they have no idea what they're talking about and at worst they're lying about it, but always they aren't accurate. It just saves time. And I've never been wrong.

these morons hate the dictionary a slur is "noun noun: slur; plural noun: slurs

an insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation.
"the comments were a slur on the staff""

TERF is by definition a slur, just like a woman, by definition is an adult human female.

Exactly! A term doesn't have to be tied to systemic injustice to be a slur. It's ridiculous that an uneducated little twit speaks like they have any authority on the subject. It's also embarrassing that Reddit allows top mods to pass off opinion as fact to two million of their users.

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