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First of all, I hate the word "terf." It's 100% a misogynistic slur. I constantly see the term use to degrade, attack, insult, and silence women on Reddit. There has been an uptick in its use. As the mod states, it is now being used on Reddit to call for violence, including shooting people with a gun. We cannot let Reddit get away with hosting threats of violence on their platform. They are a company just like any other. They have an obligation to protect their users from threats of violence. The problem is getting so bad, moderators of transgender subreddits have not only had to acknowledge it, but actively let users know that it is not okay to threaten other people with violence on the site.

If you use Reddit, please continue to document and report this behavior. Reddit has a duty as one of the largest social media platforms to remove and sanction any user that does this. Please archive any posts and report them to admins. If the report comes back that the content did not violate Reddit's content policy, then request another review. This kind of behavior is not ok. You cannot kill someone just because you don't like what they say and Reddit is hosting those threats. They are responsible for them.

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reddit is a site that only protects men, they don't protect women at all there are tons of subreddits that promote violence against women, promote human trafficking, rape, harassment and sex tourism and reddit doesn't give a damn.

the only way for reddit to do anything is to sue them or go viral on other platforms.

what trans people are doing here is simply because the threats they keep making to us makes them lose more and more people's support and many people start seeing them for what they are.

I agree. That's why I think we should document those threats. Obviously Ovarit is already doing that and I hope people keep it up. I've used Reddit for a long time. I know how bad the misogyny is, but it really seemed to amp up in a whole new way with all the new gender ideology.

You don’t understand Preddit, where their major $$$ stream comes from, or even the makeup of the top admins. I suspect you never saw the picture of them having lunch that was floating around awhile ago.