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Can I talk about self defense actions against TERFs? Would that be violence?

Yeah. Like when that 22 year old TIM hit the osteoporotic grandmother at speaker’s corner?

[–] otterstrom 25 points Edited

Woman: “You’re a man.”

Man: ~punches the woman~

Man: “It was self defense!

[–] ElleGeeBee 13 points Edited

I thought EXACTLY the same thing when I saw that comment. They're already looking for loopholes.

They're EXACTLY like the men who get weirdly heated about being told they shouldn't hit women, and start going down hypotheticals, and view retaliation and self-defense as the same thing. "Well what if she hits me first, then I can punch a woman, right?"

Almost like these misogynistic men have something in common with trans women...