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One of the first comments answers the question as to why TERFs can threaten them with violence but it would be wrong for them to do the same.

...what violence? TERFs don't generally threaten violence. That's kind of a male thing.

I thought that top comment was hilarious because the tone of it was basically like “WAH why can they threaten us but we can’t threaten them? I know it’s BS, they can all die, but the thing is reddit will close us down if we keep allowing it to be said outright so for the sake of keeping this subreddit we have to sacrifice the very understandable and real desire to threaten anti-trans people women”

That’s essentially what it said. But also as you said LOL the story they tell about “terfs” being threatening is just an emotional memory of the things we say hurting their egos and feelings, which for MEN often feels akin to an actual threat, yes. But the kind of literally violent attacks you see constantly online from trans people, no, it just doesn’t happen at any noticeable scale. I’m sorry that just pointing out someone is a man feels like I’m saying he should get raped and murdered, but the reality is that it’s not the same.