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Immediately in the comments they also admit this policy only exists because reddit as a platform will shut them down so quick if they allow violence on the sub.

Before anyone comes in here to complain about why it's okay for TERFs and so on to threaten us with violence but we can't: this is a rule that Reddit (the company) takes very, very seriously. If a subreddit is found to have people planning threats of violence against anyone they'll close down the subreddit. No discussion. End of.

Top comment. They haven't developed any kind of self-awareness here about their own terrorism of peaceful women activists. No. They are still pushing the ridiculous lie that we are violent, still justifying the violence against us and they would keep doing it if they could.

Yep, and Reddit is allowing that violence behavior to breed. That's why I think people should document any threatening comments. Don't let the mods or admins just delete them. Reddit admins really need to take some responsibility for the hostile environment they have created for women.