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One of the first comments answers the question as to why TERFs can threaten them with violence but it would be wrong for them to do the same.

...what violence? TERFs don't generally threaten violence. That's kind of a male thing.

because TERF to them just means "anybody who doesn't believe in gender" and not "radical feminist who doesn't believe in gender". a good amount are shitty men as well. overt transphobia does often accompany homophobia and misogyny, and we all know what harassment and threats look like from them there.

There is no such thing as transphobia because there is no such thing as trans.

I don't really agree with that. Religions aren't true, but there is still unwarranted hatred towards people because of their belief in them. Gender ideology isn't true, but there are still aggressive males who threaten violence against TIMs.