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One of the first comments answers the question as to why TERFs can threaten them with violence but it would be wrong for them to do the same.

...what violence? TERFs don't generally threaten violence. That's kind of a male thing.

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I mean, they refer to misgendering and gentle skeptical questions as "literal violence," so their bar for what constitutes a threat is pretty low.

This is it. To them words are 'literal violence', so actual, real violence in return is justified as self defense. Neat trick.

Yeah, they're projecting.

It just astounds me how blatant it is at this point. They seem to honestly believe biological women are prowling the streets waiting to kill them. No, no, it's not the men who are killing women anyway, it's definitely the women.

It's so blatant! That's why I hope anyone who uses Reddit documents it. They act like they're the victims of angry, hateful women, but the most hateful and violent comments I see are from them.

Trans woMEN are men by definition, and everything men have ever said about women is pure projection ; eg, the bizarre notion that men are logical/women are emotional. Puh-leeze. I won't say women never wind up with an arrest and conviction record because emotions made them do something really dumb and really violent, but it seems that for every woman who permanently fucks up her life in a fit of jealous rage, there's a shit-ton of men. Men never seem to remember that anger is an emotion , go figure...

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There aren’t terfs on reddit anymore because they get banned immediately. What is that person even talking about?

because TERF to them just means "anybody who doesn't believe in gender" and not "radical feminist who doesn't believe in gender". a good amount are shitty men as well. overt transphobia does often accompany homophobia and misogyny, and we all know what harassment and threats look like from them there.

There is no such thing as transphobia because there is no such thing as trans.

I don't really agree with that. Religions aren't true, but there is still unwarranted hatred towards people because of their belief in them. Gender ideology isn't true, but there are still aggressive males who threaten violence against TIMs.

I have only seen two instances of fantasies of violence against Trans identifying people (from the same person, who is a very popular person the Gender Critical community though and who recently vanished it seems).

Threats of violence and expressions of fantasies of violence are clearly part of Trans culture. Getting away with it is a benefit enjoyed by members of the trans cult. Actual violence is very rare, but it has happened. They are using their Antifa friends for that.

The violent threats thing is so prevalent among youngish leftish socially liberal people. It's all punch a Nazi this, kill a terf that. I'm not fond of Nazis but I'm old enough to know that the only result of punching is getting punched back.

Same people get hysterical at the idea of spanking a child and think asking one to have responsibilities is literal slavery.

I'm not fond of Nazis but I'm old enough to know that the only result of punching is getting punched back.

Which is one more reason these men only want to assault women - it’s not only that they hate us, a lot of them are cowards who wouldn’t risk their own precious hides against other men.

I thought that top comment was hilarious because the tone of it was basically like “WAH why can they threaten us but we can’t threaten them? I know it’s BS, they can all die, but the thing is reddit will close us down if we keep allowing it to be said outright so for the sake of keeping this subreddit we have to sacrifice the very understandable and real desire to threaten anti-trans people women”

That’s essentially what it said. But also as you said LOL the story they tell about “terfs” being threatening is just an emotional memory of the things we say hurting their egos and feelings, which for MEN often feels akin to an actual threat, yes. But the kind of literally violent attacks you see constantly online from trans people, no, it just doesn’t happen at any noticeable scale. I’m sorry that just pointing out someone is a man feels like I’m saying he should get raped and murdered, but the reality is that it’s not the same.