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It's actually one of the things that peaked me. I see a lot of it on facebook and reddit. The first time I saw it on fb a TIM made a comment, I looked at his page and he had a comment about a woman neighbor who "misgendered" him and he wrote something like "somebody should go and shoot her". I then kept seeing it on several groups, and then most recently Bryan Fuller, the screenwriter behind Hannibal, American Gods and more, someone I admire for his creativity, responded to a tweet that asked him if he would "punch a terf" and he said that he totally would. I've honestly never seen a gender critical woman wish death or violence on transpeople, here, or the cancelled subreddits, but I see a lot of rape threats, and death almost daily on fb and reddit.

I've never seen or heard any gender critical women talk about violence or death against transpeople either. And it's crazy to me that men think it's ok to punch women who disagree with them.

that first comment shows how out of touch with reality these people are, i have never seen a "terf" advocating for the death of these people, we are simply asking for our sexual rights to be respected, while these are the ones who go to pride with "kill the terfs" slogans.

Exactly. I haven't seen any "terfs" or any other women for that matter calling for the death of trans people. But I have seen numerous calls for violence against terfs or women they deem to be terfs. I don't even know how this go so backwards.

I have never seen a single comment on Reddit that calls for violence against TIMs.

Women, on the other hand, all the time.

Me either. I've only ever seen women on there be overly respectful to trans people, even when speaking about women's rights.

Wow…they’re really giving the users a great number of chances after they call for murdering TERFs.

It should be an automatic ban and a possible police report as that mod states.

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Seeing TRAs use uppercase-CIS as it it was an acronym winds me up even more than seeing regular 'cis'. What do they think it stands for?

'Common Identities Suck'?

'Commoner's Idea of Sex'?

'Chromosomes Indicated Sex'?

'Confederacy of Independent Systems?'...

But they also say that they will get two more revision see if another TRAns agree with the violence. I don't see they finding any three non violent non misogynistic TRAns.

Best comment is the "Terf stirring the pot" of violence. Most violent post from Terf side they gonna get is me saying I hope they get their SRS asap.

Is fascist violence on the rise? I never see any news articles about it. I can't think when the last time was that I saw an actual case of a trans individual being attacked because they were trans. Isn't this panic about being "under attack" that they like to spread among themselves just another one of their collective delusions?

Please clarify. Will you be reporting expressions of violence from trans people towards the people who want to eradicate us to the police?



It's such a dramatic response to what is essentially them saying, "Hey, stop posting violent shit that you want to do"

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They’re trying to save their own skin rather than recognise that advocating for violence against “terfs” (women) is bad. So fucking typical.

Here's a fun comment:

This subreddit, along with some of the other main trans ones, have been absolutely invaluable resources for me in figuring out how to go about starting transition. It’s no hyperbole at all to say that I wouldn’t be anywhere near as far along without it. I’m sure that’s true for many, many others too.

Remember there's no social contagion or grooming going on guys!

Archive links aren't working for me, does anyone have the original link or name of the thread?

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