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Yeah, anything is possible. I knew a guy with OCD who was plagued with images of himself raping people, including family members. He truly couldn't stop it and felt horribly guilty all the time. The difference is he didn't blame his OCD symptoms on other people, he wasn't like telling women's rights activists and assault victims to shut up. The tendency in the post to place all the blame on women and threaten violence against them just screams AGP to me.

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That really sucks

When I was younger I had such a fear of saying the wrong thing that it became like an intrusive thought of me saying the wrong thing

I couldn’t turn it off. I’d see myself saying “I’m glad your husband died” or horrible insults or slurs.

Ugh. I’m so glad I outgrew it.

It wasn’t that I wanted to. It geew out of an extreme fear of saying the wrong thing