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Another example of how the word "terf" is being used as a slur against women and used in a way to incite violence against them. Reddit is hosting hateful and violent content against women. The amount of content seems to be increasing as well. Please keep documenting this as Reddit has a responsibility to protect its users against violent rhetoric.

Edit: Here's the original link if anyone wants it: https://www.reddit.com/r/OCD/comments/x36ws1/i_want_to_punch_terfs_for_making_my_ocd_worse/

I did report this to Reddit and I hope others do too. If multiple people report the same user, Reddit does sometimes take action. Also, Reddit needs to stop allowing the use of the term "terf." It is a slur. Report it and have them review it if comes back as "not violating Reddit's content policy" the first time.