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Yeah, this is a very odd post. I've never heard a woman say, "I get the voice that I am not a 'real' woman, that I am just a guy that tries to be one." Why is that something crossing her mind, and why would it be the fault of us "terfs"? Sadly, most of the mentally ill women in my life are hypercritical of themselves and blame themselves for everything, even things that they have no control over. Going straight to blaming one's emotional problems on strangers is a very male move.

TIMs make shit up on reddit to gain support for their cause all the time (see: "tons of cis lesbians love sucking my ladydick!"), you're right that it's probably an example of that.

Yeah this is definitely a post that read as written by a male. You guys gave great examples of why. For me it’s a spidey-sense and I can’t always identify it, but I’m usually right.