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I have OCD so I understand what she's going through because I get that too, Sometimes I think i'm secretly an imposter woman when I enter female spaces, or that secretly everyone thinks i'm a "transwxman" when I go out, among other things. It's stupid and doesn't make sense, but no intrusive thoughts do. It's OCD, not "terfs". Why do people hate us so much???

I have OCD and it was "terfs" who helped me come to terms with loving my body, a d being a homosexual woman, and undoing all the self hate TRAs and compounded onto me after spending my formative teenage years on tumblr during its heyday.

Either that post is fake af (tbh, it sounds like something a TIM would write), she's not listening to 'terfs', or she's mistaking TRA rhetoric for 'terf' rhetoric.

Jesus what a self absorbed idiot. Willing to bet her ocd is self diagnosed too. At least people are calling her an idiot in the comments.

I have had OCD (the pathological kind, not the "I like everything neat" kind) since I was about 7, and this makes very little sense to me. OCD tends to "cling on" to whatever it is you're the most terrified of, so by that logic, this woman is terrified of being transgendered? She recognises that she's a female at birth, after all. Has she convinced herself that it might be a mistake? That she's somehow actually a man? What's so horrible about that, if you're as inclusive and open-minded as you think you are.

Furthermore, and this is really important: this would be a perfect opportunity for the poster to deal with their OCD. You can't dictate the world around you, and OCD is going to mold itself to any unpleasantries (or even daily occurrences) it can latch on to - you will not (!!) be able to quell your OCD by eliminating whatever it is you are worried about, because there is always something else to worry about. If the poster would only be encouraged to "suck it up" for lack of better term, she'd be just fine. It is close to impossible to accidentally be assigned the wrong sex, grow up as that sex, and have no indication that it's wrong other than an iffy feeling. So logically, that iffy feeling is just your OCD. If you play into it, that iffy feeling might transfer onto something else that isn't as easy to confirm or deny, and you're going to be in a real rut if it does.

I had a look at the poster: it looks like someones sock puppet. It's not been used for about a year before that and most of its focus was mental health issues.

Obviously terfs suck, but the real problem is the OCD. If you’ve not tried ERP, I would recommend giving it a go.

This comment though. I'm sorry, but does he mean Erotic Sexual Roleplay will help her?? Does it mean something else in this context I'm not aware of?

Haha, can you imagine? I had to Google it. It's Exposure and Response Prevention. A type of CBT therapy.

I would bet you money I don't even have that that is a man. I am getting "man" vibes off that man. Man man man man MAN.

Man who presents shitty argument, at that. That is literally not how OCD works.

Literally I try to do a silly girly thing for myself and I get intrusive thoughts about how I am just a big liar about liking the things I do, I enjoy my features and then I get intrusive thoughts about my body.

Uhhhhhh. This makes some kind of sense if it’s a man with AGP and his entirely accurate “intrusive thoughts” are “I’m a man with AGP.” It also figures that he’d blame TERFs for his accurate self perceptions, they all do that.

I don’t believe it was written by a woman, that makes absolutely zero sense.

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