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"hatcher of eggs" aka groomer

Srsly wtf did that mean

"eggs" is the cutesy term they use for people who might be trans but haven't come out yet

aka ppl that jerk themselves raw to the idea of being opposite sex until they decide to bring it out to public behavior

"cuddle slut"

men ruined hugging, and everything else

There is no such thing as cuddling anyway, straight guys already turned it into another word for sex. 🙄

Unless it’s cuddling pets, which I’d take even with pets I don’t like over cuddling any human.

Long ago he banned me on a trans sub because I called out someone, who said this about Magdalen Berns: "Brain cancer said trans rights for once."

This is what he supports. And a 48 year old man who calls himself a girl is a disgusting pervert of the worst kind. A person that shouldn't have power anywhere.

Ugh, it's so gross. I guess I'm starting to see why there is so much trans rhetoric on Reddit. All these creepy men in charge of so many subreddits. I wish the media would look more into this. Some of these guys seem very predatory.

Of course he's a trans girl and not woman. Why is it everything, when done by a woman, is called being a slut or whore now? Cuddle slut, attention whore etc. Yeah I'm sure it's not about porn at all 🙄

It's much more about the male concept of the kind of woman they'd wish to fuck, combined with AGP and the sexual attraction to themselves as imagined women.

That woman, for many, based on my online reading over many years, is a young and cute one, late teens, and slutty (eager to have sex and eager to be objectified). Likes selfies with pursed lips, spread legs, lots of cleavage and so on, which would not matter that much if they didn't truly regard this as the correct way to be female.

Hence they are always 'girls', even if they transition in their sixties, because that idealized male idea of the perfect woman is a girl.

Oh a man who wants to murder women who speak words. Much progressive, such right side of history.

Don't they realize just how MALE they sound?

Haha, they totally sound male! I read their comments and it sounds nothing like how women and girls talk.

Remember girls, "egg cracking" or "egg hatching" is another word for grooming!

Wait for real? Can you explain I have never heard this before this thread

An "egg" to them is someone who is trans but hasn't realised it yet (i.e. A vulnerable person with distaste for their body). To crack them is to let them know, apparently.

Basically they "crack eggs" for (usually) minors and get off to the whole making someone think they are trans aspect. It's grooming someone into being trans.

I think it's accurate to call it grooming, as sexual gratification is still involved.

Really? I guess I learned a new term today that I didn't want to know.

Specifically it's to suggest to (usually) minors that they are trans. It's a different form of it and they get off to it.

Trans Reddit powermod, u/drewiepoodle calling for violence against women they label a "terf." This mod has been discussed on Ovarit before, but I don't think there has been a post about his profile and the fact that he calls himself a "slayer of terfs." Slay means kill. This person is calling for the killing of women that are labeled as "terfs." This is not ok. This is violence. This is a threat. Reddit, Inc. has a responsibility to protect its users from violence, but it's clear Reddit is being run by violent people. This needs to be documented and this needs to exposed until something is done to fix it.

This is an excellent post an ovarit user put together about u/drewipoodle and several other Reddit mods two years ago: https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/24371/reddit-has-a-predator-problem-lets-talk-about-power-mod-drewiepoodle

The poster has since deleted their account, so I cannot follow up with them. I've been on Reddit for a long time, but much of this is news to me. I'd love to hear what other people have found out about other trans Reddit mods or admins.

Always amazing to me that they want to be a woman, but cannot help themselves but splatter trans symbols and phrases everywhere.

If you DID want to be a woman, why would your identity be being trans? Shouldn't you feel naturally a woman therefore have no need to draw attention? I rarely see any woman even identifying their gender on Reddit cause it's anonymous too.

No kidding. They don't act like women, talk like women, or look like women. They're really lying to themselves if they think they are women because everything they do and say is male.

For people who complain about Le tRaNs gEnoCidE, they sure worry more about feminists who dislike them more than the men who supposedly murder them in droves

This is because 'genocide' for them is for someone to deny that they are 100% female in all aspects, all spheres of life and for everyone else. This psychological annihilation probably does feel worse for them than the risk of being murdered, especially as being trans is a safer category in homicide statistics in the US and the UK than not being trans (on average).

So psychologically TERFs are, in a sense, annihilating them by refusing to validate them. It is all about validation and forcing the whole world to do that. This is why misgendering will become a crime if the current trends continue, and why no compromise will ever be acceptable, because all compromises are still that psychological 'genocide'.

So there is no end-point, I think. Even if the most extreme TRAs won on everything, even if the biological category of women and girls was entirely erased (which is also a type of psychological 'genocide'), this would still not end. If they, alone, ended up in the category 'women', they'd demand that all biological women (who probably fled into enbies in this dystopian view of one possible future) would be legally forced to come back into the group 'women.' I think the well of emptiness the validation is supposed to fill has no bottom.

Really well said! Can you believe that there are people all over the world actually being subjected to actual genocide, real physical violence and extermination. And these assholes think using the wrong word to describe them is literal death. How selfish and narcissistic do you have to be to think that way? If you need that level of constant validation, you are mentally unwell.

Just from reading the transgender subreddits on Reddit, they spend all their time mocking and berating women. I don't see anything about men or trans rights or fair treatment. It's just an excuse to verbally abuse women. They think if they "are" women, it's ok to attack other women. It's not.

Lol maybe he's the one who permabanned me from the entire site for commenting "when women speak up against language such as menstruators they're dismissed as bigots"

No, mods can’t remove you from the whole site

Do we know for sure he’s not an admin at this point?

Technically not, but unless you have reason to think he is, it’s not a very helpful assertion.

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