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But for some reason they still fantasize about having sex with cockroaches

Question: if female homosexuals can be punished for not liking penises, why aren't male homosexuals punished for not liking vaginas?

Funny how he says "uneducated" (insinuating "they would agree if they were properly educated") and then follows up by calling them cockroaches (AKA "irredeemable vermin to be exterminated"). What an enlightened being.

So he’s struggles with the concept of consent and uses threat of violence as a response ... Male Moment™️✨✨

I'm sure comparing a group to cockroaches never turned out horribly for anyone.

in their view, everyone is just an object intended to perform these people's fetishes.

Call me a cockroach all you want- I'll still be here laughing at you when society finally realizes what you are 😚

Calling them uneducated is so telling. Because they always say to "educate yourself" on your "genital preferences." So basically they think if you're still saying no, you're scum that needs to be crushed and that saying yes is the only path forward as a lesbian.