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Literally what part of that is supposed to be the joke. It's just "comply or I'll murder you"

I think the "funny" part is supposed to be in the word identify... It's just... Not funny... And it's a bad excuse to threaten. I really hate the "it was just a joke" excuse 😒

Men fantasizing about violence as always

And saying "iT'S a JOKE YoU sillY WoMb-HAVEr!! bLeeDErs don't hAVE a SeNse Of hUmoUR!!1!"

Average male Reddit user.

TERFs, take note, this is how you spot psychopathic AGPs who want to murder and skinwalk women 🙃

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Image transcription: Reveddit (deleted comment from r/Actuallesbians)

Respect trans folks or your family is gonna have to identify your body


TERFs, take note, these are how you make good pronoun jokes

Do these shitheads even know what a pronoun is or do they think it's just any word that's related to their genderquest? I remember all through grade school being annoyed at having the same grammar lessons on parts of speech over and over each year. Clearly they've stopped doing that now.

I don't know last week my sister was complaining they never even taught her about pronouns at school in the 1980s, she doesn't know what one is.

there they go with the threats again to reassure us they are perfectly fine and not a danger at all.

at this point if I saw a TIM in a ladies toilet I would walk straight out and take my chances in the mens, I feel the odds would be more in my favour that the males in there harbour no ill intent towards women.

How wrong of me is it that my first reaction is "well, at least they'll be able to since I'm not constantly lying about my sex"?

Still salty about the times I've shared posts about missing "women" that were absolutely useless because the actual person missing turned out to be male and people were being primed to watch for a female person who matched the description.

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