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If I recall correctly, Kevvie here also has publicly lamented how Silence of the Lambs made TIMs watching themselves dancing around naked and talking about how they'd fuck themselves seem creepy (yes, it was only the movie that made that creepy), so I see he's carrying on with his whole emulating Buffalo Bill thing.

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So he thinks that is creepy, but he thinks talking about literally wearing womens' skin is not creepy ... exactly ... why?

They ought to stop the skinwalking, have their subservient SJWs not told them that it's cultural appropriation? (I mean, clearly they don't care about TIMs appropriating women's lived experience, but skinwalkers are a Native American myth, so ... they oughtn't be doing it. Unless they're native, which I bet few to none actually are.)

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Kevin exists in a bubble and melts down whenever any alternate viewpoints enter it. He also lives in the middle of a toy hoard on a failing alpaca ranch with entirely other deranged TIMs, so any last tether linking him to reality has been severed long ago.

edited to add: he's also gotten in minor trouble a couple of times for defending TIMs so creepy and/or perverted that even the TIM "community" call it a bad take (or tell him not to say it so publicly), so there's that. Like defending "Sophie" LaBelle's hand drawn child porn, using tracings of pictures of people's children.

It might be male skin. I doubt Kevin gets to police who his donor is, lol.

Your "vagina" will always be male, Kevin. Cope, seethe, and dilate.

Men are out here saying shit like this then they want to cry discrimination when they get called a creep LOL they're trying to make that word an official slur. Awful

Seem creepy???

A lot of these dudes seem to be operating under the assumption that women's repulsion to the repulsive things they do is just some kind of misunderstanding/ our lady brains not comprehending the truth about it.

I shall educate myself until I realize that, while Buffalo Bill may seem creepy, that's only because I'm too dull and feminine to appreciate the beauty of a TIM realizing his vastly superior femininity.

Am I doing it right?

Dude wishes he had "terf skin", then some itty bitty part of him would be woman. Keep bragging how you had dead parts sewn into the penis skin between your legs, it's really not the flex you think it is. Also you look like a man clear as day.

Yeah. He must really be in awe of us.

(I recall reading a book, perhaps Terry Pratchett, about a tribe of cannibals that complimented people by telling them they wanted to eat their hearts, thereby acquiring their bravery. Now, no radfem ever would want any part of her body to be from a TIM, even if we were creepy cannibals like them, because acquiring any of their properties would only degrade us. But he ... deep down he knows he's a deluded freak and having even just the tiniest bit of skin of a brave woman, i.e. a radfem, would increase his worth hundredfold, by a cannibal's logic.)

Say what you want about Kiwi Farms, but people like this guy are the reason why it came into existence in the first place.

There's gotta be something new coming. Someone out there is keeping receipts.

I think we should make our own version of Kiwi Farms, run by and for women. It would be less offensive than Kiwi Farms proper but would still be devoted to documenting and even laughing at these terrible people. The way I see it harmless people shouldn’t be made fun of but if somebody is doing stuff like this (and acting proud of it) then they are fair game. Maybe our version could only be for laughing at men and women would be exempt. We also wouldn’t dox people or act racist but we could still be able to roast these toxic men. It would be like all the best parts of Kiwi Farms but none of the parts of Kiwi Farms that make all gender critical people as a whole get painted as far right wackos. That’s what I would do if I could make a website. And then we could give it some clever name to reflect its woman centered nature that I’m not ingenious enough to come up with.

...And this is why I'm no longer an organ donor and no longer donating my body to the cadaver lab (there's like five in my city).

Thanks for posting that, OP. I had no idea they make frankenginas out of corpse skin.

I just took my name off the organ donor registry.

Dumb question but skin counts as an organ when you’re an organ donor?

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I looked it up and yes in the UK it’s on the default “stuff they assume you’ll donate” list. (Though I think they count it as a tissue not an organ legally.)

I could have specifically excluded skin and stayed on the registry (womb and vagina are excluded by default, for now) but all the talk of womb transplants makes me feel like there’s an increasingly cavalier attitude to donated organs, and instinctively I just don’t want to be part of whatever is developing in that field.

Do you have any idea if ovaries a) can be transplanted, or b) are assumed to be fair game? A bit of a tangent here, but I'm currently an organ donor, but really never want ovaries transplanted, as it would contain elements of potential descendants of mine (or however you want to parse it. If a child is made with my DNA I want to be consenting, at a bare minimum.)

It's technically a separate category - it's tissue donation, rather than organ donation - and it's covered under different rules, but if you sign up as an organ donor, many places will automatically assume you're willing to donate tissue as well. Depending on where you live, you may be able to specify how you want your donations to be used or what specific parts of your body you're willing to donate.

There's an old NPR series on it that was how I learned about it initially, although it might be outdated since it was published in 2012. The scale and profit involved, as well as the fact that my donation might be used for non-essential cosmetic procedures, has given me some misgivings about the industry.

Yes, I'm wary of that too. If my kidney or heart can be used to save a life, awesome. If my cadaver can be used for medical education, well, that's a noble cause, but I'm not sure I want my corpse used that way, and someone usually profits off that. Testing life saving drugs on my tissue postmortem? Potentially to the public good, but again, I have reservations. Creating frankengenitalia or testing cosmetics? Absolutely the fuck not, I don't think we should even use animals for that.

Ahahahahahahaha this is pure cope. Kevin's rot pocket has given him nothing but trouble; he keeps setting dates for "when he gets to have sex" and pushing them back. Now it's such a mess that the doctor decided adding some corpse would be an improvement. Kevin will never have a vagina and he knows it.

Imagine being an organ donor, hoping to give your body to those who are truly needy... And then this happens.

I actually started looking into it to see if this is a standard or not.... I mean as rare as organ donation is it does look like they use cadaver skin for... many things... and are working on transplanting the actual deceased's vagina and cervix/ligaments etc into a TiM...

I am unclear if there will need approval from the surviving family or not. But this tweet actually made me curious enough to start looking into it. I used duckduckgo got several academic journals talking about the deceased donor vaginal cuff etc and I am genuinely freaked out. Need more research before I pull myself off the list-but I might. I dont want to be a reconstituted man hole. I wanna save ppl from cancer or something.

Same here. I don't want my body going to further someone's mental illness or fetish, I want to help.

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