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If it really were a TERF subreddit, I wouldn't have had to leave and come here.

No kidding! Me either. That sub got taken over by men when it became a default. I unsubbed from it years ago.

Yeah right. TwoX is totally a terf sub. I got banned there. Someone made a post like "JKR wouldnt consider me a woman because I had my uterus removed". I just commented that JKR never said that only people who have a uterus are women. That statement was terfy enough for them to permaban me

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Same. I was banned there a realllly long time ago. There was a graphic on heart attack symptoms for women, and when a bunch of TIMs posted "omg! As a transgirl, I didn't know this", I pointed out that women and TIMs have different heart attack symptoms. I thought I was being helpful but I got insta-banned. The idea of twoXX being too terfy is hilarious. It's as libfemmy and handmaiden as you can get there.

All of the most handmaideny subreddits are constantly accused of being "too terfy." It's a crystal clear indication that it will never actually be enough, because what they're really demanding is impossible, but they cry transphobia and handmaidens already bending over as far backwards as they can try to stretch another inch.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve complained about WvP, even though their mods went on a banning spree and chucked anyone who interacted with an actual radfem sub.

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I wouldn't put it past a TIM to die instead of get to a hospital because they were experiencing male symptoms of a heart attack. Like they'd rather just sit at home and die than admit they are experiencing "invalidating" MALE symptoms and get the medical help they need.

It's like that TIF who needed surgery, but something in her blood markers didn't reach the threshold needed to approve her for surgery. Doctors were confused because the levels were much much lower than normal male levels. After two years of trying different meds to "correct" the situation, they realized she was female and her blood markers were in the normal range after all (for females). All that time, she didn't think it was necessary to tell the doctors she was biologically female.... and all because it invalidated her gender identity.

And of course, she used it as an example to talk about how trans people face more risks than "cis" people. I wish I could find that article.

They'd probably just think they were having a bad (imaginary) period

Jeezus, how stupid can a male be that he thinks declaring himself a “woman” magically transforms him from male to female? 😂

The stupidity, the total illogical dimwittedness.

I asked the mods if it was true they were all guys and they offered to send me "pussy pics" to prove it. So female, unwanted pics of genitals yes. Much woman.

Ive been in the surgeries subreddit, trust me, you don’t wanna see that

Ya I said I had enough people like them (cough men) trying to send me nether photos and I was all set

TwoX is run by men who silence women, and even TIMs don't want to be there anymore?

I wonder why. Maybe they realized it's just a bunch of TIMs in there with no women to validate them.

TRAs are seriously delusional. The other month, I saw a similar post I think it was on Twitter, which said "I got my uterus removed and realized for a brief moment, that JKR did not consider me a woman". What the hell are these people talking about? They twist around her saying biology exists into this? So much manipulation and insanity.

yess I’ve seen that tweet too and it had a ridiculous amount of positive engagement yet NOT ONE PERSON in the comments could find where JKR tweeted transphobic stuff, per usual

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Those comments are so infuriating.... "chromosomes aren't even a reliable indicator of biological sex."

Okay, but Caitlyn Jenner (aka Bruce Jenner) impregnated a woman multiple times so I think that's a pretty reliable indicator of sex. Andrew Gibson (aka Andrea Gibson) is 'non-binary' and is dealing with ovarian cancer right now... that seems like a pretty reliable indicator of biological sex. Just because it isn't a reliable indicator for the very tiny percentage of intersex people, doesn't mean that the rest of you enbies and trans-identifying people can appropriate that and claim it as your own.

The existence of people born with one leg doesn't mean that humans aren't a bipedal species.

"Andrew" Gibson (formally Andrea Gibson) is 'non-binary' and is dealing with ovarian cancer right now

Ah, that makes me sad. I've seen Andrea Gibson perform a couple times (years and years ago)

dutch_gecko 334 points 13 hours ago Chromosomes aren't even a reliable indicator of biological sex. There's a non-zero percent chance that they don't align because biology is fuzzy and likes to mix things up.

☝️ This is the top comment. They say chromosomes aren't a reliable indicator of sex. When we literally have sex chromosomes.

These people are delusional idiots. They want to invalidate an entire Field of scientific study because it's inconvenient for them.

They really remind me of flat earthers.

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Apparently, having two X chromosomes makes you a terf and even a subreddit can be a terf now! Here is the original link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ennnnnnnnnnnnbbbbbby/comments/xx2whb

What's great is the enby mod banned a well-known trans powermod from their sub for modding the "terf" sub r/TwoXChromosomes. They're starting to turn on each other.

Private messages between the two mods: https://archive.ph/TVSTO

Original Link: https://www.reddit.com/user/HardlightCereal/comments/xxkp7i/conversation_with_an_rtwoxchromosomes_mod/

It's definitely a terfy name, but sadly that sub doesn't live up to it's name.

Enbies are really stepping up their annoying game. TRAs might be the ones issuing the death and rape threats, but as far as just being whiny and making everything about yourself? Enbies are on the up.

I love this stupid comment:

I hope that mod actually has XY chromosomes and doesn't know yet but finds out someday soon

🤣 Pretty sure quite a few TwoX mods are male and males larping as women, so they already KNOW they are XY, no need to “find out,” LMAO…

Damn these people are delusional!

the reason they don't like twox?

"Way too much traumaposting. r/morbidreality is somehow less depressing."

women's problems bad

That sub was created before gender ideology really took hold. Back in the good old days where everyone knew who has two X chromosomes.

Sorry, there's no self ID laws for subreddit names. Like your choice to go on testosterone, the effects are permanent. I hope having to call it 2X keeps you perma-triggered.

I for one can't wait until the government allows us to legally change subreddit names on their birth certificates. Subphobia is literal violence!

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