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Critical thinking is transphobic! The scientific method is transphobic! Requiring the null hypothesis to be disproven before accepting an alternative hypothesis is transphobic! Not blindly accepting whatever the fuck comes out of my mouth as gospel is transphobic!

Do these people listen to themselves?

It's a cult. Not accepting the dogma heart and soul makes you a heretic.

it sounds sooo much like religious dogma.

doubting god is blasphemous! science is blasphemous! thinking "too far beyond" is blasphemous! we must blindly follow god's word without questioning his plans!

I've been told this shit by my islam teachers and family.

We need to commission "Critical thinking is transphobic" stickers.

According to r/WhitePeopleTwitter, asking for evidence of transphobia is a "common TERF tactic" and will result in a ban. Reddit mods are such a joke. Original link: https://www.reddit.com/r/modsbeingdicks/comments/y3z19a/asking_for_information/

Lol I saw the thread and half the comments are deleted. The lowest rated comment is by a trans mod.

It's subtle but important that they know most people ain't here for the nonsense.

Lots of commenters highlighted JK does in fact make money and people still buy her stuff. Someone in the WPT thread tried to say her new stuff didn't sell. Another Redditor refuted that and stated JKs new book debut at #3 in fiction.

People just say anything. When the redditor was presented with evidence, that all of JKs projects (be it old or new) do well, they still debated back and forth while being down voted because they were obviously wrong.

I missed the original post, so it's good to know people are calling it out. Her new book did really well. None of this nonsense has hurt her sales.

Asking for evidence is a thought crime - but its not a cult!

I've seen asking for evidence called 'fact shaming' which made me laugh heartily. I couldn't tell if it was a parody account or a very earnest handmaiden.

Yeah and tragic mouth breathing incels in their knee high socks are the first to demand a source so…