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"humans are sexually dimorphic? ever heard of intersex people, lady?"

you smug pompous asshole, you know nothing about DSD. stfu lol. "intersex" isn't a third sex, it's just a collection of literal genetic diseases like Swyver syndrome. these aren't normal variations of human sex, they're, as I said, genetic diseases. it's like saying people with down syndrome are just "a variant" of the 21st chromosome.

humans aren't clownfish. there are only two sexes, and there is no such thing as a gender identity.

"Anyone noticed how TERFs are overwhelmingly white?"

I hope they stumble onto LipstickAlley and read black women's opinions on TIMs. I clicked a hyperlink to a thread there once and was clapping like a seal at them going in on TIMs 🤣

The racism is so obvious in letting usually white men claiming to be women into women's prisons, where, also heavily influenced by racism, a significant proportion of the women are women of colour, and so, who gives a shit about the women's prisoners' dignity and safety?

This is the biggest injustice in the whole fucking TRA movement. We need to keep these trans identified men out of women's prisons. Literally the most vulnerable women are in danger. They need to do something about this or murders are going to happen

I don't care if they have had bottom surgery. Unfortunately there are a lot of transwomen sex offenders, a disproportionate amount, so there's enough of them to give them their own seperate space.

That's awesome! I'm going to have go check it out now. 😀

I don't recommend hanging out there if you're not black, it's kind of their own little space and they don't appreciate non-black women there lol.

Right? And then he goes on to talk about how white women care so much about sexism because it's the only thing that affects us. On one hand, tons of white women are also oppressed due to economic issues. But the other thing is, they have nothing to say about, for instance, a rich black man still caring about racism. Of course he still cares, it ls important and affects a fuck ton of people. But women who care about sexism, something that affects half the population, are...evil? The fuck?

Misogynists minimize women's oppression because they don't think it matters as much when oppression happens to women (and because quite a few enjoy it and don't want to feel bad about enjoying it; see: rapists who get mad when it's called rape). Many seem to still be deluded enough to believe that men take good care of us, in spite of all of the hard evidence to the contrary, and view our anger like we're spoiled children being told 'no' by a habitually overindulgent parent for the first time.

Imagine a world where even just the physical assaults by men on women were given the outrage in the news that we see over someone expressing bigoted thoughts publicly. There are women being killed and women being hospitalized every damn day by men who think they own us and feel entitled to do whatever they want to us, who call us the same slurs that have become commonplace in public while they brutalize us. It's rare that even mass killers who wrote a manifestos detailing how they wanted to kill women and just didn't care who else got hurt in the process to have their crimes spoken of as hate crimes. We're a society that tells girls that the boys who punch them just like them; those boys who grow into men "punch" harder, but still tend to get one hell of a pass when there's any indication that their "feelings" towards women are part of their motivation for assaulting us.

Fuck that. My mom was white and she dealt with racism, classism, brutal domestic violence, and more. She went through hell as a single mother of 3 black kids.

She was strong as fuck and a feminist. These ppl don't know what they're talking about. The idea that white ppl are the enemy is just another way to divide women.

I believe your mother dealt with racism and agree that often times, negative rhetoric about white women is to try and divide women. However, in the west, there are major issues with systemic racism against people who aren't white and there are issues with white women using their race against racial minorities and that shouldn't be ignored. There also isn't systemic racism against white people in the west.

The point of what I was saying is that, in every other instance, a person having one sort of privilege doesn't mean they don't still deal with oppression due to another characteristic. They dont cancel eacj other out, that wouldnt make any sense. But it's hard not to notice that that understanding never seems to reach white women.

The movement is racist, but one of the more subtle aspects of it is the unspoken assumption that non-white women are just passively nodding along in agreement with whatever bullshit (mostly white) TiMs are spouting. I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing that non-white women are also mostly creeped out at the thought of women and children in DV shelters being forced share bedrooms and showers with men.

Non white women are just as disgusted as everyone else, if not more. There's still a lot of homophobia in the black community, and too many ppl group gay ppl and trans ppl together. That isn't great, but it is what it is

I just had to explain to my brother yesterday that trans ppl and gay ppl are completely separate and have nothing in common. Gay ppl are actually same sex attracted. They aren't confused or dysphoric and they don't demand anything except the same rights as straight ppl.

Honestly this is a big problem and we need to talk about it more bc homophobia is on the rise, all bc of these TRA assholes

Yes. I feel like 2015-16 was the peak of acceptance for the LGB. It genuinely seemed like homophobia would largely die out in my lifetime. Less than a decade of institutional capture by the T and it’s entirely plausible that their antics will get gay marriage abolished and homosexuality criminalized in conservative states.

If you find that thread, please do show me! I’d like a laugh today.

Someone posted this on Preddit and a commenter responded "punchable face, crunchable skull." I don't get why men think it's ok to hurt of kill women that they label "terfs." It's not ok. It also goes to show that this is a slur and it's purposely used to attack, threaten, intimidate, and promote violence against women.

Original link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Persecutionfetish/comments/y4xwzm/poor_you/

You know for a group who constantly claims how "hateful we are", they sure do hold a shit ton of vitriol saying how much they want to maim and kill us all. I don't think I've ever heard a terf say they want to crush a TIP's skull or like disembowel them. Really gets the noggin joggin

Preach! They are so very male, it's almost funny if it wasn't so frightening

Some very male comments focused around violence against women they don’t like. How very typical.

Notice how they don't respond to the why of her being called a TERF, they just start in tearing her down and threatening violence.

It's always so, specific, isn't it? Like "crunchable skull" invokes very clear and universal mental imagery, and it's always like this too. Just too much information for someone who might just be emotionally venting. I hardly ever see radfems behave in this way. I wonder if, maybe, this is a uniquely male set of behaviors? Honestly, who knows, it's a grand mystery.

Right?? It's almost like, and I know this sounds cuckoo crazy, but it almost sounds like men are naturally more violent than women and can't escape their shitty male socialization

The comment about having a "punchable face and crunchable skull" is really troubling. But of course, I shouldn't read too much into that because "terfs" don't have feelings or the right to be concerned for their safety. I feel bad for this woman. Very brave of her to even post this, considering how violent the responses surely were.