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"Got attacked by my first TERF today" is code for someone slightly disagreeing with them, refusing to "gender them" correctly, or just like, clocking them from a distance and making a face of visible disgust.

Also, the "attack" very well may have been completely virtual.

I’m pretty sure that this is exactly correct. Probably saw a non-fawning reply on Twitter or Reddit, and immediately opened a new tab to “design” that silly cartoon.

Or it could have been as simple as a Starbucks barista saying"Have a nice day Sir" because he looks like the man he is.

Phrases like "have a nice day sir/ma'am" are so automatic working with the public. It could have been as simple as that and now the woman is an evil terf our for blood.

"Attacked" by someone and they make this in celebration. Makes sense. Going to go ahead and say there was no attack, and if there was, it was that a woman didn't fawn over him. Celebration is so odd. Like you celebrate the things you achieve in life or good things that happen. "Made this in retaliation" would be more appropriate.

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ah yes, I remember when I was targeted in a racist hate group (group chat on telegram). they called me anorexic because of my weight, called me the n word, called me an anorexic escort girl and then one of them said "I want you, chocolate girl" and sent a nude of himself into the chat and asked me to "suck it for $50", and everyone else in the group laughed, some were shocked but still laughing. then they called me a wh*re indirectly (I said I have a boyfriend, one guy replied, "your boyfriend is the crowd")

TO CELEBRATE, I drew a horribly shaded drawing of a furry in a "kill all racists" T shirt. totally, celebrated it. yeah, i really celebrated being targeted and sexually harrassed by racists. totally.

😨 Ummm what?! Girl are you ok?! This sound horrible.

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yeah I'm ok lol. it was partly my fault since I joined a sketchy private group and interacted with people there in the first place. I was trying to learn russian, so trying to find russian-speaking group chats.

it happened when I was 17, I've since left and blocked everyone there.

it wasn't that bad really, since it all happened online. it would be a different story if this interaction happened in person.

Agreed, this screams "Someone didn't agree with me and it hurt my feelings, but I don't have any healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with my emotions or the ability to have a constructive, meaningful debate with anyone so here's some art about murder."